Moony Lanzarote Spain

Lanzarote is an island that happens to be very unique in its own way. Compared to the rest of the islands in Spain, this is mesmerizing and has been quite an attraction for many who wish to have a feel of it. Its landscape is extraordinary and exciting at the same time.

The island is exceptional because of the fact that its origin is volcanic making the surface ashy and covered with lava giving a moon effect. The landscape of the island is definitely a sight to behold, and people stream in to see the wonders of nature here.  Even in the 18th and 19th century, the volcanoes were active.

As funny as it may sound, you will find vegetable and fruit plantations and beautiful vineyards cultivated between the volcanic craters. The inhabitants have put their efforts to make the island attractive and unique. There are magnificent architectural works, too, which complete the beauty of the island.

Beautiful beaches

Lanzarote, just like any other island, has beautiful beaches that offer relaxation and fun for visitors. The sandy beaches occupy a large chunk of land and have lots to offer. Playa Blanca, for instance, has tropical ambience and modern installations to make relaxing wonderful. Other beaches such as Las Coloradas and Punta Del Papagayo are fishing grounds containing bays with landscapes that can only be described as wondrous.

There are beaches here that have thermal spas in their tropical, beautiful surroundings, while others have gardens and apartment houses to suit any kind of visitor. Such beaches include Playa De Los Pocillo, Playa Grande, and Puerto Del Carmen.

Timanfaya National Park

It may sound illogic that such a volcanic land can have a national park but it does for sure. The park occupies 200 km of the island and has a lot to offer. It is easily accessible by car although, once there, you can choose to use a camel or bus to explore the region.

You will have a chance to see craters that are still active, such as the crater by the name of Mountain of Fire. Any water put on a crater vaporizes within seconds, showing clearly just how hot the area is.

Branches and twigs of trees burn immediately when they are placed on the craters. A restaurant is available and offers exciting opportunity for people to enjoy their meals on volcanic craters, which is just wonderful and quite an experience.