All You Need to Know About a Beautiful Barcelona Winter Holiday

The perfect blend of old historical architecture and the new beaming cosmopolitan culture, Barcelona is the best place to spend long holidays with your loved ones. It is the largest city of Catalonia, and is also the second most crowded municipality of Spain. With a population of 1.6 million, Barcelona is one of the world’s most loved holiday destinations, with tourist attraction from all over the world. The city also has the largest economic, trade fair and cultural centres, also contributing to the major global market of the world.

As highly famous amongst all, Barcelona has its own beauty and magneticity throughout the year, but winter is always the best season and perhaps the best reason to visit, and gather all those picturesque memories together. Here’s why Barcelona is best to visit during the cold winter.

Amazing weather – The winter season in Barcelona offers cold weather, but the crystal clear blue sky adds a beautiful touch, thereby contrasting with the dull and decaying skies as found in other European cities. The temperature is generally 12 degrees, with mild warm breeze gushing through, makes it feel comfortably lazy. A quick dip in the Mediterranean seems the perfect option for tourists, thereby adding comfort during the winter.

Season of Santa – The ancient Barcelona Cathedral organises the largest Christmas market , is therefore the biggest attraction of the city. Though an off season, the streets still emit brightness and off course liveliness, thereby adding a touch of the historic city culture. The Santa Llúcia Fair (Fira de Santa Llúcia) will be celebrating its 230th anniversary this year. Christmas decorations and figurines are set throughout the city, thereby adding so many colors. The city is at its best, with the famous chow down on an ancient and traditional sopa de nadal and, of course, be sure to purchase tickets for the Christmas lottery. Also indulge yourself in the crib scene activity and the parade of the Carassa de Nadal.

The sinful season of mushrooms– As the winter come rolling in, indulge yourself in the mouth-watering varieties of mushrooms. Found exclusively in the city, mushrooms like rovello, fredolik, ou de reig,ceps (porcini) , camagroc,llanega , and also tófonanegre are exclusively found during the winter, thereby adding Barcelona to the bucket list for both foodies and travel lovers.

Spending New Year in Spain– Though the city is quite famous for partying throughout the season, but it is always exciting to spend the New Year’s Eve, amidst its rich culture yet with a touch of its own modernity. The Spanish tradition of “twelve grapes” is yet another challenging and surprising add-on to the bucket list. As the tradition says, one needs to eat twelve grapes at the time in the new year. Though fun, but recommended one should do it right, or might end up choking.

The three kings– The city never fails to surprise its visitors. Yet another reason why one should visit the city in winter. The three kings is an anticipated family event, which is an event of parade bringing magic, colour and energy amongst the little ones.

Skiing at its best– Beach being out of the list, why not utilise the mighty mountain slopes instead? The stations of La Molina and La Masella come to your rescue for Skiing in the chilly weather.

The grub factor– How could one miss out on the lovely cuisines filling every bits and corner of the yummy tummy? Choose amongst the traditional and scrumptious cuisines, such as escudella de carnd’olla, filling up the appetite as well as your mind.