What You Need To Know Before You Visit Spain

Spain is a beautiful, mysterious country filled with wonders to be explored. It’s an ideal escape for virtually anyone, and has something to offer for individuals, groups and families of all backgrounds and interests. So it comes as no surprise that it’s one of the most desirable tourist locations in the world.

But before you go booking your villa, here are seven things you should know before you visit Spain:

1. It’s a Country of Opposites

From the gorgeous beaches of Costa Brava all the way to the breath-taking mountainous province of Andalucia, Spain is a country of opposites. Thankfully for you, that means that whether you’re on a family vacation, a group adventure or a solo excursion, there will be something for everyone! You’ll find plenty of opportunity for skiing and snowboarding, fishing and boating or hiking and camping. And in places like Granada, you can even get a taste of it all in just one day! So be sure to bring your camera!

2. Spain Has 300 Days of Sunshine

While you’re snapping pictures and recording videos of your adventures, be sure to wear sunscreen! This country is known for it’s bright, sunny days that make for the most fantastic sunbathing weather you might ever get to experience. If you’re a fan of the sun, you’re going to love spending your days out by the blue waters of Spain’s diverse beaches! If you have young ones in tow, be sure to check out Cala Llenya for plenty of safe swimming and snorkeling areas. Or, if you’re looking for a more private and secluded beach, head over to Genoveses, a relaxation paradise!

3. The Party Starts MUCH Later There

Don’t worry about staying out on the beach until the sun goes down, because the party won’t even get started until well after 10PM! Spain’s locals typically don’t even have dinner until the late hours into the night, and since dinner can last up to several hours, the bars and clubs will be open until the early morning hours to give you plenty of time to dance the night away with some authentic Spanish sangria!

4. Siesta is Real, and You’re Going to Love It

Waking up late in Spain is completely normal, and so is an afternoon nap (this one’s for you, parents!). Whether you stayed out too late the night before and need a refresher or just need a break from the day’s activities with the little ones, siesta is going to be your dream come true. Siestas are afternoon naps, and in Spain this practice is still very much alive. Thank you, and good night!

5. Always Choose Local Cuisine

While you’re following in the footsteps of the locals, take this literally and find out where they go to eat. You won’t regret it! Spain has some of the best cuisine in the world, with tapas, paella, gazpacho, patatas bravas… if your mouth isn’t watering yet, just wait until you smell it! The locals know where to go, so if you trust their recommendation you’ll avoid tourist traps and have some amazing meals you’ll be scouring the internet to find recipes for when you get home!

6. Spain Has Beautiful and Complex Culture

With amazing food, delicious sangria and afternoon naps, you’ll quickly fall in love with Spain’s culture. This country has a lot of history, and their culture is beautifully complex! From the cities of Madrid to the art exhibits of Malaga, you’ll find remnants of this country’s rich past that has shaped its culture everywhere.  So while you’re here, you’ll definitely want to keep an open mind and dive right in to get the full Spain experience. Especially if you love history or learning about different beliefs!

7. And Learn some of the Lingo!

While you’re out hanging with the locals, it will help to know some of the lingo! This is going to introduce you to some of the most amazing experiences, and Spain’s friendly locals! Spain is a warm and welcoming country, with locals that are more than happy to chat with you for hours on end while you join them for some tapas. So brush up on your basics before you go so you can get the full experience!