Ole – Come and See Spain!

Spain is a tourist’s paradise. The very fact that nearly 48 million tourists visit it every year speaks volumes about its popularity. Many of the tourist venues in Spain have been declared Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Tourism is a major industry in Spain. Each tourist destination has its own history, its own beauty and its own distinct architectural style, presenting a major challenge to modern architects! It is too difficult to list every one of these destinations, so a few are briefly introduced here:

Prado Museum:

When we talk of Madrid we imagine hundreds of wonderful places to go and see. Great buildings, parks, churches are abundant in and around Madrid. The Prado Museum is one such place of interest for tourists. It is believed to have been built in 1785 by Charles III. It contains many art work believed to have been painted during the 12th Century.

In fact the painting works range from the 12th to the 19th Century. The Museum contains about 5000 drawings, and about 2000 prints. There are also coins, medals and other memorabilia numbering up to about 1000. There is a record collection of paintings numbering up to about 7800. The Prado Museum is one of the greatest museums in the world. The Art Collections are of course, priceless.

Donana National Park:

This is one of Spain‘s marvelous parks situated in the Andalusian province. The park, apart from attracting tourists, also attracts thousands of migratory birds. These birds have found this park to be most conducive to them because of the abundance of water holes in the park. Donana National Park is famous because of the large number of scrublands, marismas and dunes in the park.

There are many rare species of plants and flowers. At the same time some rare species of Flora and Fauna are found here. For example, there are many types of reptile, and red deer and wild boar are also kept in the park.

Three great rivers, Cano de Guadiamar, Cano Real and Brazo de la Torre provide enough water for the park. Entry to the park is restricted, so you have to plan and book in advance to arrange your daily trip. Vehicles are not allowed inside the park. It is very artistically designed and beautifully maintained and is the perfect place for those who want to relax.

Photo credit:Shutterstock