What to Pack for a Hiking Tour of Spain

There’s certainly something exciting about taking the path less travelled. Surrounded by nothing but the sights and sounds of the natural Spanish wilderness, hiking is the ideal activity for anyone looking to get back to their roots and just be one with the world around them! And with beautiful locations such as the Costa Verde with coastal scenery and the awe-inspiring Camino, there’s no shortage of destinations to choose from in Spain.

But if your hiking trip takes you out of home territory and into the true unknown, you want to be as prepared as possible. So here are some things you absolutely need to pack for a hiking tour of Spain:

First Thing’s First: Safety

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or this is your first excursion, it’s important to take safety measures to get help if you need it. A good rule of thumb is to never travel alone, so if you can, try to bring along a friend or family member, or two! Travelling in groups grants access to a lot more the beautiful country of Spain has to offer, and you’ll have instant access to help if something unexpected were to happen. Plus, you should always plan for the unexpected just to be on the safe side.

Here are a few other safety tips to keep in mind while you’re on a hiking tour in Spain:

  • Make sure you have a GPS or map, depending on where you plan to go hiking. Having a means to get back somewhere safe is critical in case you venture too far off the beaten path.
  • Bring along a first aid kit with items such as bandages, gauzes, disinfectant and a thermal blanket. Spain is warm, there’s no doubt about that, but when the hot Spanish sun goes down the temperature can still drop enough to be chilly.
  • When the sun does go down, you need a flashlight so you can see. Bring along a good quality light and some extra batteries in case they need to be replaced during your trip.
  • A knife or cutting tool will help you get out of many dangerous situations, whether your clothing gets snagged or you come across a wild animal. Spain isn’t known to be a dangerous country, but when you’re out in the wild anything can happen! It’s always better to be prepared, just in case.

Consider the Environment: Clothing

Spain has over 300 days of sunshine in a year, and while this is great for the beach-goer and sun tanner, it isn’t always as ideal for the explorer. When you go hiking in Spain, make sure you bring appropriate clothing or you can quickly be put into a dangerous situation! Appropriate clothing will depend on when you are going on your hiking tour, but in general you should get along well with lightweight, breathable clothing. Wear clothing designed for long hiking excursions, such as tank tops and shorts, or longer pants to protect your legs in some areas and hiking shoes with a good grip for rocks and slippery areas. Bringing multiple layers and a jacket is a good idea if you plan to stay out overnight, so bring a tent or other form of shelter as well. This will also keep you protected from other elements, such as rain, if needed.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

For the most part, you won’t need to worry about rain unless your hiking tour takes place in the Spring, but no matter when you go you will need to protect yourself from the sun. Bring along a quality sunblock, and remember to put it on as often as recommended on the bottle to protect your skin from the harsh rays! You’ll also want to bring along a nice pair of quality sunglasses, preferably polarized, to keep your eyes protected. And, bring a hat! A hat will protect your head, ears, forehead and some of your face, so it’s a great addition to your backpack before you head out on your hiking tour. Finally, bring plenty of water to keep you refreshed and hydrated. It’s a lot easier to dehydrate than you may think when your body is working!

Have a Plan in Mind!

While you’re packing, talk to anyone that’s going with you and make sure you have a plan! This plan should include where you plan on going, and how long you plan on staying, so you can pack accordingly. This might mean packing extra clothing or some food for while you’re out and about. Also, it’s a good idea to have a meeting place established in case anyone gets too far away from the group. You should always have a cell phone on hand in case this happens, but sometimes your hike can take you too far away and signal won’t be strong enough to call or text the group. Just keep your safety in mind when you pack for your hiking tour in Spain and you’ll be in for the experience of a lifetime!