It is the capital of Majorca. The city was inhabited by Roman and Arab pirates centuries ago. It lies near the coast and is well known for its natural beauty and mild climate. Beautiful beaches are present here along with a large number of coves. The city has a rich culture and many remarkable monuments like the Almudaina Palace and the Cathedral. There is also a quarter here that has historical importance.

Places of Attraction

Sa Seu

It is also known as the Palma Cathedral. The cathedral was built on the ruins of a mosque called the Medina mosque. It is located near the coast and offers a spectacular view. Other than the enormous size of the cathedral, the thing that attracts most are the huge windows of the cathedral also known as the rose windows. A huge ciborium of rusted iron is another piece of attraction here.

Palace of L’Almudaina

It is also called the Palacio de la Almudaina in the local language. It was initially a palace that was built by the Muslims but in the reign of King Jaime II, the palace was converted to a gothic style palace with several changes and reconstructions. However the place still retains both the styles of architecture and presents a beautiful view. The gardens surrounding the palace are well maintained and there is also a small and beautiful chapel inside the palace. The chapel is devoted to Santa Ana and is built in gothic style.

Banys Àrabs

They are the Arab Baths. They belong to the period of 11th century and are important remnants of the Moorish culture. It is a building constructed out of bricks and has two rooms. One of them is the bath room and the other room contains ruins of small baths. There are gardens surrounding the building which give this ancient cultural remnant a beautiful look.

The Old City

It is located on the south-eastern part of Palma. The place shows a glimpse of the Arab civilization. The narrow streets form a maze which is a characteristic of the place. There are many historic old fashioned houses with many being converted to museums open for the public. The houses are characterized by huge windows in the form of boxes. Tall structures, beautiful carvings and sculptures are the other features worth noticing. Other important monuments like the Convent of the Cathedral and the Arab bath houses can also be seen here.

Bellver Castle

It is a 14th century Gothic castle built in the reign of King James II. It lies in the north-western part of Palma. The castle is circular in shape and was used as a military prison in the period 18-20th century.