Palma – the city for entertainment


Palma is a major city situated in the island of Majorca and is the capital of Balearic Islands. Before the War of the Spanish Succession, this was called the City of Majorca and locals still use this name. This city has a population of 400,000.

The average annual temperature in this city is about 18 ° C; tourists are attracted to this place because of the sunny atmosphere as well as beaches. Some of the popular places that visitors go to are – Almudaina Palace, Cathedral, Plaza Mayor square and Lonja fish market. The environment is scenic with palm trees, pine groves and fishing boats.

ClimateThe city of Palma is located in the south-west of Majorca. The maximum and minimum temperature varies between 30 °C and 3 °C in a year.
History: Romans founded Palma on the Talaiotic settlement. With the fall of Roman Empire, vandals took over this city and were later on conquered by the Byzantine Empire. Moors colonized this city until James I of Aragon ended the Muslim rule.

Cultural Heritage:  Arabs, Romans and Berber pirates aspired for the city of Palma. In the 13th century James I, the Catalan monarch ended the rule of Muslims in Palma and he developed most of the major buildings in this city.

Some of the popular monuments are:

1.Sa Seu or cathedral of Palma – located at the fishing port and bay

2.Cathedral – built on top of the old mosque

3.L’Almudaina – initially an Arab palace and museum at present

4.Sa Llotja – the fish market

5.Es Baluard Museum of Modern Art – containing 19th century artwork wherein one can see the works of Picasso, Cezanne, Kiefer

6.Museum of Majorca – this has artifacts from Roman, Muslim and Medieval era

7.Castle of Bellver

Cuisine: The following food items are popular diet in Palma.

1.Rice and fish dishes

2.Sobrasada – spicy pork spread

3.Tumbet – a vegetable stem made from potatoes, egg plant, fried peppers topped up with tomato sauce

4.Pa amb oli – bread piece with oil and tomato

5.Mahón cheese

6.Ensaimada – a pastry as dessert

7.Binissalem – Majorca wines

Sports and Entertainment

Since the weather in Palma is pleasant throughout the year, open air sports like golf and nautical sports are practiced. There are 5 beaches in Palma and 9 yacht clubs because of which the sports fishing and sailing have become popular. In addition you can practice skating, windsurfing, wakeboard, kite surfing, hiking, cycling, etc. Archipiélago de Cabrera national park is a must in your itinerary in Palma.

Palma has a number of bars, pubs, casinos and outdoor cafés which make your nightlife memorable. You can visit the Discos and dance to your heart’s content. Most of these lively places are situated on seafront promenade. Winter Festival, Jazz Voyeur Festival and Teatro Principal are some of the popular festivals that are worth participating in.


For up market shopping you must go to shops like Avenida Jaume III, Calle Unió, Plaza Weyler square and Plaza Joan Carles I. High quality Majorca pearls and souvenirs can be purchased here. If you are interested in purchasing items that are hand made from leather, wood, iron and glass, you should visit places like Paseo por la Artesanía, Plaza Mayor squares, etc.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock  Pixabay