Places of interest in Spain – Aragon

Aragon was actually a kingdom. During the 15th century, the king moved to Zaragoza and started ruling Aragon from there. From then on, Aragon became a prominent town. Both Aragon and Zaragoza are located on the banks of one of Spain’s great rivers Ebro. There are many places of historic importance and places most popular for their natural beauty. Some of the places are briefly discussed here:

Virgin of Pillar:

This place of great reverence is a medieval cathedral believed to have been built in the 17th century. This basilica is most frequented by tourists because of its popularity as a great place of worship as well as for its great work of architecture. This cathedral becomes a place of pilgrimage during the second week of October every year.

Aljafería palace:


This palace located in Zaragoza is believed to have been built in the 11th century. The palace is popular because it is one of very few structures which stand as a perfect example for the Spanish Islamic architecture. This palace is also popular because it was here that Saint Isabel was born. Historians say that this palace was altered several times because of various imperfections that prevailed during its construction. Now the palace is a place of attraction for tourists.
Troubadour Tower:

This is a part of Aljafería palace. It is believed that this tower was used to defend against enemy attack. The tower which has five blocks or levels is believed to have been built in the 9th Century. The tower got its name because in the year 1836 Antonio Garcia played a drama called the Troubadour Tower from this tower and from then on the tower was called Troubadour Tower.


This market town is located on the foot of the hill Pyrenees. The market is popular for great works of art made by local artists. Do not forget to taste the local wine in this market place. Just by the side of the market is the Ordersa National Park which is the most ideal place to relax and to exercise!


This is yet another important city of Aragon. This city is proud to have many churches and cathedrals believed to have been built centuries ago. Most of the churches are of Gothic style. The mountain ranges of Teruel are something spectacular to look at. It is one of the least populated areas of Spain. The city is now well connected with good roads and many villas have come up.

Photo Credit: Pixabay