Places of Interest in Spain – Denia

Denia, a town of the Alicante province is one of the most preferred places of visit for tourists. Apart from a tourist spot, it is also popular as the best place for fishing. This great historic place has evidence of human inhabitation even during the prehistoric time. Many great civilizations like the Romans and Moors had made Denia their administrative capital. Later, Christians took control over the city in the year 1244.

According to historians many wars were fought by people of earlier civilizations to take control of this important city. From the tourism point of view, this great city is popular for its spectacular natural beauty and for the most imposing buildings like churches, rocky crag, etc. Fishing is one of the important trades in this city and for those who have fascination for fishing there is no better place than Denia.

Rocky Crag:

The important place of visit in Denia is the castle which is built on a rocky crag overlooking the great sea. According to historians, this beautiful castle has been built in the 11th century. From the top of the castle one can view the spectacular view of the sea and the city and the nature around it. A museum called the ‘Palau del Governador’ which is located in this castle provides very clear information about the city of Denia, the castle, etc.


The beach:

This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Alicante. Certainly the tourist will be fascinated when he visits this beach. The nature around the beach makes the visitor speechless. Varieties of water sports are available here. Safety has been given the primary importance. The city is very close to the beach and within walking distance.


It is said that people of Denia celebrate more festivals compared to any other part of Spain. Some of the popular festivals include Falles bonfire festival where spectacular display of fireworks followed by bonfire is held. The other festival of fame includes the Patron Saint festival which is held to show respect to Most Holy Blood.

A mock fight between Moors and Christians is another most popular festival. The All Saint Attraction fire is popular amongst children. Large numbers of people take part in these festivals.

Interestingly, Football is the popular sport of Denia. The club Deportivo Denia is the leading football club of this town. This club has played in many important national and international football games.

Photo Credit: Pixabay