Places of Interest in Spain – El Hierro

Want to spend your holiday on an island surrounded by a beautiful mountain? Certainly it would be a wonderful experience. Then you can visit E Hierro, which is located on the western side of the Canary Islands.

In fact El Hierro is a part of the Canary Islands. This island is spread over an area of about 278 square kms and the highest mountain measures about 1501 meters. There is an airport as well as a terminal for the ferries. El Hierro is also famous for many species of Flora and Fauna.

Let us go round this beautiful Island El Hierro.


This beautiful beach with great mountains staring at it is certainly the ideal place to enjoy with family and friends. The beach is perfectly maintained and has all the facilities like water sports, diving, fishing, etc. In fact it is a busy beach because people reach this island by ferries.


La Restinga:

This fishing village is located on the southern side of the island. With its narrow roads and buildings built in traditional style, it has been the focal point amongst all tourists. The narrow roads of the village lead to the beach. The beach has black sand; a small backwater separates it from the sea. Even otherwise, the sea is relatively calm around the island. The village has many restaurants and bars where traditional food is served. The village is so beautiful that it attracts large number of tourists.

Mirador de La Pena:

You want to get a spectacular view of the mountain and the places around you? Then you can go to Mirador De La Pena which is a ‘view point’ from the top of the mountain. A place has been identified as the ideal ‘View Point’ from where one can get a glimpse of the places around from the top of the mountain. The great Mediterranean Sea, the village and little township at the bottom of the mountain are certainly places which should never be missed.

Arenas Blanca:

Arenas Blanca literally means white sand. This beach is popular for its white sand and pebbles. The white sand has made this beach more beautiful than its contemporaries. Water sports are available. But the beach is known for rough winds and therefore swimming is not recommended here.


There are many caves around El Hierro. The Charco Azul cave located on the Los Bucios Beach is most popular. This cave is made of stones and also of rocks. The cave has been named Charco Azul because the water which comes into the cave forms a ‘blue puddle’. This is one of the most popular caves of El Hierro.

Charco de los Sargos:

The weather around the bay of El Golfo is not so windy and therefore the sea is relatively calm. So this place is ideal for swimming. Interestingly, this beach has a natural swimming pool. The swimming pools are maintained well and so visitors can enjoy swimming.


There are many villas and hotels which offer luxurious stay at the most economical rentals. Many restaurants are also available.

Photo Credit: Pixabay