Places of interest in Spain – La Gomera

If you are planning a holiday tour to Spain, never miss this tiny island La Gomera. Be assured that if you visit once, you will be one of those who continue to visit this place quite often. La Gomera is called the ‘Island Paradise’ and it is true to its name with the stunning beauty of its rocky surface with sand somewhat black in color. The island has a rich history dating back to the 15th century.

According to anthropologists, a community called Guanche lived in this place. They also say that this island is a volcanic formation.Unfortunately, till recently this tiny paradise lacked the necessary infrastructure for easy transportation of visitors. Now the government has made several improvements and there are good roads within the island and many modes of transport to reach this island.

Places of interest:

Perhaps volumes can be written about the places of interest in this tiny island. Some of the places are described here:

Walking in Santiago:

Walking is nothing unusual. Then what is unique about walking in La Gomera Island? Drive for about 40 minutes and reach Santiago, the forest place. Wear walking or gum boots and walk in the forest range just below the mountain. You will be amazed by the natural beauty. It is certainly true, it is a paradise. Beware; it could start raining suddenly, so you should equip yourself accordingly. Those who are unable to walk can hire a taxi for a drive across the uneven roads of the forest.


Church of Assumption:

This historic church is never missed by any of the visitors. The church and the buildings around it are built in traditional architecture.

Garajonay National park:

This is actually a mountain region which is rich in vegetation because of abundant water resources. The natives of Gomera called ‘Orahan’ worshiped this mountain as their God. They offered goats and other animals as sacrifice for the God. The archeologists have found some constructions made of stone which have similarity to places of sacrifice. The natural cavity on this mountain range presents a splendid look.

Another feature of this national park is that some of the vegetation and animals found in this mountain region are not found in any other part of the world. Some of the rarest fossils can be found in this mountain region. As the forest around the mountain was exploited intensely, the government has now declared the forest a protected area. Normally no tourist misses this National Park.

Photo Credit:Pixabay