Places of interest in Spain Ourense

The city of Ourense is the capital of the Province of Ourense which is in the North Western part of Spain. The history of the city can be traced back to the 5th Century when it is believed that it was part of the Roman Empire.

The province is located on the banks of the mighty Minho River and receives good rainfall which provides it with a rich vegetation. Ourense has many places of interest for tourists.

The city is divided into three parts: one relates to the medieval period, the second one was developed in the 19th Century and, the third one is the most recently developed area. So, tourists will get a glimpse of the past and the present at the same time! Tourist destinations are briefly mentioned here:


Cathedral: The cathedral is believed to have been rebuilt in the 13th Century. It is a mix of Gothic and Romanesque architecture. Two of the important religious places are the ‘Door of Paradise’ and The Christ’s chapel.

Ponte Vella: The foundation of this bridge is believed to have been laid by the Romans and it was actually Bishop Lorenze who finished building the bridge in 1230. The bridge is now closed to vehicular traffic, but visitors can go across on foot and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the water gushing along underneath it.

Episcopal Palace: This is another building which is believed to have been built centuries ago. It has since been converted into an archeological museum. The museum has many precious collections of artworks and other creative sculptures dating back to the Bronze Age.


Ourense is now an industrially advanced province. It is the leading producer of European chestnuts which are in great demand throughout Europe and Asia.  Production of clothing is another leading industry. World renowned fashion designer Adolfo Domínguez is from this province.

Old city:

The old city lies in the valley. Many of the buildings in the old city are built in the Roman, Neo classical or Gothic architectural style. Most of these buildings have walkways so that the pedestrians will walk in the shade during the hot summer months. The roads are well laid and are are well lit. Many tourists believe that the old city is the real treasure of Spain. The traditional-loving people of Ourense always welcome tourists with a broad smile on their faces.

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