Places of interest in Spain – Santiago de Compostela

This place declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO is a town of the Galicia province and it is located on the North Western part of Spain. This city is surrounded by some of the tallest mountains and therefore this city receives the heaviest rainfall. Some of the places of interest in this city are briefly discussed in this article.

La Plaza del Obradoiro:

This square is located in the centre of the city. The word La Plaza del Obradoiro means ‘work of Gold’. It is certainly true; this square is surrounded by some of the most fascinating buildings and narrow but perfectly maintained roads. It is an enchanting experience to spend some time in this square. It is certainly a ‘Work of Gold’ of God.


There is legend behind this cathedral. It says when Apostle James died; his body was brought to Galicia in a boat that was made of stone. That was in the 9th Century. Surprisingly the body and the boat were later found in this city. In honor of the apostle, this cathedral was built. A cathedral was also built inside this church.

The cathedral has many doors. The Obradoiro, Pórtico de la Gloria are some of the doors. Each of these doors bears the best example to show the world the masterly sculpture works. Some of the most renowned works of artists are also on display in this cathedral. The Cathedral’s door Portico or Portico real can be viewed from a square called Plaza de la Quintana. This door is opened only during the holy festival of Apostle. During this festival many tourists from far and wide visit Santiago de Compostela.

Rajoy Palace:

This beautiful palace in neoclassical architecture is believed to have been built in the 18th Century. This most imposing building is a part of the Cathedral. So those who visit the Cathedral will never miss this beautiful building.

Plaza de las Platerías:

Those who are in the habit of purchasing silver articles should visit this square. This is because most of the shops dealing with silver articles are located here. It is because of this that the square got the name ‘Oaterias’ which means silver in English. This square has uniqueness and that is from this square one can view the Gothic portal of the Cathedral. Some of the works of sculpture carried out in the Cathedral can be seen from this square.

Photo Credit:Pixabay