What Precautions to Take When Holidaying In Spain

Stay safe this holiday with some simple tips

If you’ve heard rumors that you’ll be 100% safe in Spain, please know that your safety cannot be guaranteed anywhere you travel, whether you’re going to and from work or the store, or travelling to a new country. Compared to other European countries, Spain is a relatively safe vacation destination for people of all walks of life; but, with that said you should always take precautions when travelling to keep yourself, and anyone travelling with you, safe.

Here are some precautions to take when you’re holidaying in Spain:

Try Not to Look Like a Tourist

The most common mistake tourists make is looking the part, but looking like a tourist can put a target on your back for anyone looking to take advantage of an unsuspecting foreigner. If you want to make sure you don’t stand out in a crowd, take the following advice:

Check Your Attire – For some reason tourists can always be spotted a mile away just due to the clothes on their back. Perhaps it’s their favorite college t-shirt or funky printed button down that catches the locals’ eyes, but either way the first thing you want to do when you’re packing is ditch the tourist clothing. Look at common clothing styles where you’re vacationing and try to follow suit as best you can, but don’t feel like you need to buy a new wardrobe!

Keep Track of Your Valuables – Pockets are amazing inventions, but pickpockets will say the same if they see your phone, wallet or other valuable hanging out of one in full view. Backpacks and handbags may sound like good alternatives, but if they can’t be snatched away easily then some thieves will slash the straps before making away with your valuables. Keep them safe by using internal pockets on your person, or just leaving them stored in your locked up, private villa where you know they’ll be safer.

Wear Your Confidence – This goes for anywhere in the world. If you look and act like you know what you’re doing, you’re far less likely to come off as a tourist. Wear your confidence at all times, and if you need to check a map or GPS, find a more discreet place to do so. Stop at a bar and grab a drink for a little while, or sit down and enjoy some tapas.

Be Aware of These Common Scams

There are some common scams throughout Spain that can catch any unwitting traveler, so keep the following in mind:

Tourist Imitators – Some thieves will pose as tourists with touristy ensembles to make you think they’re in the same boat that you are, but they’re really just trying to make you feel comfortable enough to let your guard down. Be especially wary of this on the Metro and in crowded places where tourists frequent!

Classic Tricks – Many of the petty crimes and theft you may encounter in Spain are the same ones that could happen just down the street from your home. These include swiping your phone or wallet when it’s left on a table in a bar or restaurant, leaving items unattended on the beach long enough for it to disappear, asking for change or directions and street games to swindle you out of your cash.

Safety Items to Note

If you lose money or important travel documentation, you’ll want to get help immediately by finding the nearest police station or your embassy in Spain. In the case of lost credit cards, however, your first course of action should be to call and cancel them. For travel documentation, you’ll need to get replacements.

How to Get Help

While it’s always best to be prepared and take precautions in advance, try not to let yourself be too worried while you’re in Spain. Again, it’s a very safe country in comparison to surrounding areas, and as long as you stay mindful there really isn’t much to be worried about! Just try to use common sense, keep aware of your surroundings and avoid walking streets alone. If anything does happen and you need help, you can call:

Emergency Number in Spain: 112