Proper Documentation for Travelling Spain

Traveling to Spain could be exciting and wonderful experience. In addition to planning your stay in Spain or getting beach ready, you need to get prepared for providing proper documentation. Preparing yourself to obtain all the documents that you would need in Spain will facilitate your visit and will end up in creating much more time that you can avail for fun.

After deciding your itinerary, the last thing that you would want to is your trip getting derailed because of the lack of some document such as photo ID or a valid passport. All non-Spanish citizens need to obtain some documents so that they can gain entry inside the country and spend a quality time there.

In case you are not a citizen of European Union (EU), Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Iceland, you require a valid picture ID and passport. If you are less than 16 years of age, you can be included on your guardian’s passport. All travelers who are less then 18 years of age require up picture ID along with various forms that have parental authorizations on them.

Citizens of the countries such as Argentina, Andorra, Australia, Brunei, Brazil, Costa Rica, Canada, Croatia, Chile, El Salvador, USA, Guatemala, Israel, Honduras, Malaysia, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Republic of Korea, Paraguay, Singapore, the Vatican, Venezuela and Uruguay require a valid passport. However, you do not require a passport if you intend to stay in Spain for less than 90 days.

It takes more then two weeks to obtain a valid picture ID and passport and therefore you must apply for the same, at least three weeks before you travel. It is a very good idea to make sure that the information you have on your passport and picture ID card up to date. The address that is listed in both the IDs should be same.


It is a good idea to be sure that the information on your picture ID and passport is up to date. Other than the passport and visa requirements, you will also need additional information regarding exit and entry, security and safety, travel information, crimes against tourists, medical insurance, travel insurance and your health considerations. You do not need any immunization certificates but it is recommended that you get yourself vaccinated before you reach Spain.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock  Pixabay