Self-Drive Tours – The Best Spain Has To Offer

Spain has so much to do and see, deciding where to go can be an overwhelmingly difficult task.

Do you want to hike awe-inspiring mountains?

Or would you rather soak up the sun on golden sandy beaches?

Do you want to dance the night away with sangria at the ready?

Or would you rather take part in siesta after a long day of shopping?

Do you want to sample the numerous Spanish culinary masterpieces?

Or would you rather explore timeless works of art?

All of the above?

That’s the beauty of Spain. Striking landscapes, lively cities, stunning countryside, countless cultural and historical landmarks, endless nightlife, the best cuisine, sangria … this country literally has everything.

That’s why we’ve put together this quick (and completely flexible) self-drive tour that will take you through the best of everything that Spain has to offer.

First, what exactly is a self-drive tour?

Great question! A self-drive tour is the perfect vacation for the solo traveler, the independent couple, the boisterous group of friends or the hard-to-please-everyone-at-the-same-time family. It gives you complete control over your entire trip, which means freedom to choose where you go and what you do, when and where you want to do it. It’s a lot more convenient, and 100% less stressful, than guided tours, which typically have you stuffed with other tourists in buses and hotels like sardines in a can. A self-drive tour will have you feeling more like a Spaniard as you take the wheel, literally, and make your own decisions.

So basically, a self-drive tour is the absolute best way to see Spain.

Start Your Tour in Energetic Madrid

Madrid has earned quite the exhilarating reputation, and not just because it’s Spain’s capital. With a mix of endless nightlife and arresting culture there’s a certain energy in the air, making it the perfect way to start your Spain vacation. You’ll fall in love with the sociable locals and easy-going atmosphere that will keep you going well into the early morning hours! And you’ll find some of the most mesmerizing works of art in museums such as Prado and Reina Sofia.

Discover Timeless Culture in Historical Toledo

Toledo was once the capital of the Spanish empire, but now it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Designated Site, and the perfect location for anyone with an appreciation for history and culture. Throughout the years the area has played host for different cultures and religions so you’ll find a variety of monuments that take you through some of Spain’s beautiful history, like the Church of Santo Tomé. It’s definitely worth stopping here for a photo shoot and a look at the famous “El Transparente” alter.

Take a Breath in Sophisticated Seville

Seville seems to take a step back from most of Spain and is one of the quintessential Spanish towns that have fully embraced the idea of savoring every moment. While you’re here, you’ll find that while there’s certainly no shortage of things to do, there’s no rush to do them either. The small town atmosphere will keep you feeling right at home as you enjoy lively conversation with the locals and explore the Cathedral and Royal Alcazar, where you just might be able to spot the visiting Spanish royal family.

Walk Through Gardens in Granada

If you can appreciate the beauty in architecture, then Granada is a must-see for you. This Spanish city sits at the foot of Spain’s tallest mountains, Sierra Nevada, and is home to the palace and gardens of renowned Alhambra. As you walk the city streets, the striking mountainous landscape and majestic complex of palaces are sure to take your breath away! Before you leave, be sure to take your camera through the gardens of Alhambra, where you’ll find more than a few photo opportunities to capture the memory.

Find a Little of Everything in Valencia

Valencia is a melting pot of history, modernism, theater, cinema, commerce and culture, making it the ideal stop for larger groups or families. With so much to see and do, you’ll likely want to take some extra time to explore everything this amazing city has to offer! Valencia takes pride in its culture, as you’ll see in places like the Ciutat de les Arts I les Ciencies and Valencia Cathedral, but there’s also opportunity to just kick back and relax in the soft sand of the city’s local beaches.

End Your Tour in Cosmopolitan Barcelona

There’s really no better place to end your trip through Spain than one of the most active cities in Europe. The remarkable city of Barcelona will take you back to the thrilling nightlife of Madrid while introducing you to unique shopping experiences you won’t find anywhere else in the world. As you take a stroll through the Ramblas to find stalls full of books and flowers to take home, you’ll quickly find yourself captivated by this city’s unique identity that will have you wishing you never have to leave.

Planning Your Self-Drive Tour

When you’re ready to plan your trip to Spain, remember that your experience should be what you want it to be! This itinerary is an outline of some of the best that Spain has to offer to give you a good basis to start planning, but it’s by no means exhaustive. Spain is a complex country with a lot more to offer than just what you see here, so be sure to check out our villas in Spain to see where else your journey could take you!