Sepulveda as a Bio-Reserve

Sepulveda is situated among the canyons of Segovia and it is the largest colony of vultures in Europe.About 600 pairs of these birds live here. This town is small; it has only about 1,000 inhabitants. It is surrounded by beautiful rocky terrain full of greenery. Sepulveda is hidden in the mountains and it is a part of the province of Segovia in the autonomous community of Castilla y León (Spain). Moreover, it also belongs to the Natural Park of Duratón River Gorges.

The city from Pre-History:

The first traces of human life date back to the Iron Age. Most likely, the tribe of the Arevaci lived here. Also, Romans and Visigoths ruled over this city throughout history. Sepulveda appears in the Chronicle of Alfonso III for the first time.

Furthermore, Sepulveda has a lot of historical monuments and medieval buildings as well.Iglesia de la Virgen de La Peña was built in the 12th century. It is situated on the highest part of the city, just next to the park. Beautiful views of the surroundings are offered from this church.

Church of San Millan and Castillo de Fernán González are included in the Red List of Endangered Heritage. This is a list of endangered monuments threatened with destruction or changes due to aging.

There are many other churches such as Iglesia del Salvador, Iglesia de los Santos Justo y Pastor and San Pedro Church. Sepulveda is located near the archaeological zone Necropolis Visigoths and the archaeological site Cueva de los Siete Altares.

Fiestas :

Sepulveda is also known for fiestas where you can have a fun time.

Fiesta de Los Fueros was modeled by medieval fiestas. Therefore, in the streets you will find a medieval market. You will also see unusual drinking and fighting with medieval swords that is a part of the tradition. During this festival, the whole city is lit by torches.

The Imp is a festival that takes place during the night of Saint Bartolomeo and every year many tourists come to Sepulveda to participate in it.

Then there is Los Santos Toros, a traditional event when priests hold mass in the surrounding caves.

Ethnic cuisine:

Sepulveda cuisine is perhaps the most interesting of all. This town has delicious roasted lamb that is the best in the whole of Spain. Here, roasted lamb is prepared in 1000 ways and it is always prepared in a wooden oven.