Spending A Weekend In Valencia

Valencia is famous as a beautiful Mediterranean city with charming view, sunny beaches and abundant culinary divergence. Just about 4 hours drive towards south of Barcelona, Valencia happens to be the third-largest city of Spain and similar to any other quasi-independent Spanish region, it has its own traditions, language and festivals. With so much to do and see, Valencia is undoubtedly a city where one can spend a perfect weekend.

If you’re arriving from Barcelona, you can either take the train or arrive by car. From other destinations, you can use the airport Aeropuerto de Manises. The airport is not very far off from the city center and from there you should try if to the old town, Barrio del Carmen. Barrio del Carmen should most probably be the place of his state as it is located centrally in Valencia and it would be quite easy for you to visit resorts, markets and restaurants from here.

Though you may find a lot of hotels in Valencia, but the best option is renting a self catering villa so that you stay remains private and luxurious as well. Staying in a Valencia villa will provide you with an opportunity to experience all the elements of a perfect vacation.

The 1st Place of interest in your itinerary should be the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail is housed in the cathedral that dominates Plaza de la Virgen. The Holy Grail can look out and pew inside the cathedral through an enclosed glass which is present in the center of the altar. A lot of times, especially on weekends you may also be able to see a Spanish wedding taking place in this cathedral.

Visit Plaza de la Virgen to have café con leche. Plaza de la Virgen is undoubtedly the heart and soul of the city and you must experience basking in the plentiful sunlight while breathing in the scent of oranges here for few hours. The ornate fountains of the plaza should also not be missed. A range of cafés line is Plaza but they’re generally quite crowded so soon as you find an empty seat, make sure you grab it.

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias is a futuristic complex that is pure white in color and has botanical Gardens, concert spaces, planetarium, science museum and an aquarium designed by a famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The complex draws a number of visitors towards itself. For visiting this complex, advance booking is must as tickets line can often be quite long.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock Pixabay