Suitable Time for visiting Canary Island

People all over the world long to visit Canary Islands. This popular European destination is very favorable for holidays but only few people know the most favorable time for visiting this island. Though Canary Islands can be visited during any time of the year but knowledge about its weather facts can make your vacations or journey even more suitable.


The Canaries is basically an archipelago of seven different islands that are located off the Moroccan west coast. The seven islands in the Canaries are Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Hierro, Fuerteventura, La Palma and Gomera. All these islands are situated on the same latitude in line as that of Sahara desert. This bestows a tropical climate over the Canary Islands and it remains so throughout the year.


Canary Island’s average temperature ranges from a minimum of 65° to a maximum of 72°F. This corresponds to a minimum of 19° Celsius and 22° searches maximum. This range stays same for entire year. Although winters can get a bit cool and sometimes the temperature may also fall to middle 40°F. This condition only arises when it rains during the months between December and March.


Canary Islands typically remain arid with presence of small deserts to as the South. Towards the north, the islands have a lot of green portions. Strong breezes are known to bring humidity from the west part but cooler air creates counter act and what you only feel is the relative heat. This accounts for tropical climate in the archipelago. The island may get even stronger winds during summer as compared to that of winters.


Canary Island is Spain’s integral part though the community is autonomous. Similar to that of Puerto Rico, Canary Islands also have more that 1 millions people from United States and other parts of Europe. You may find a lot of residence that speaks Spanish, Portuguese and other languages like English, Italian, French and German.


Canary Islands generally rely on tourism or its livelihood. There is lot of significance on agricultural production and fishing as well. There are almost 10,000,000 tourists incoming to Canary Islands every year. Most of the tourists belong to other countries of Europe and the majorly stay on Tenerife island.

Otherwise also, a major part of Canary Island’s populations stay in Tenerife Island. Peak tourist season is between June and August because during this time the weather is warmest. For those who like cheap travel options, they may prefer to come to Canary Islands during winters.

Photo Credit: Pixabay