The Beautiful Cruz Del Carmen

The summer holidays

Spain is really a great destination for a summer holiday: it has endless beaches of an unreal gold, covered with fine, delicate sands, it has warm and shallow waters that enjoy a beautiful crystal clear blue and it has a welcoming sun that will help you get that perfect tan you have always dreamt of.

Is there anything else that one can wish for from a holiday destination? Now, you probably wonder why Spain, of all the countries, is such a visited one. Well, Spain is happy to enjoy a unique diversity that makes it the perfect destination for any type of tourist, regardless of the interests and preferences so don’t worry about getting bored in Spain, because it is practically impossible.

Out of all the hundreds and hundreds of resorts, I chose to recommend you Cruz Del Carmen; this is the perfect destination for one who wants to relax, to get to know the beauty of the customs and the traditions of this country and to enjoy its colors, its joy and its welcoming people. You have to visit it!

Cruz Del Carmen and its attractions

Cruz Del Carmen is one of the most amazing gateways in the province of Andalusia, located just 9 kilometers from the popular La Laguna. You can easily access it, due to the fact that it has a good bus service.

Those who don’t love hiking won’t find in Cruz del Carmen an interesting holiday destination, because apart from a good restaurant, a visitor’s centre and a viewpoint, there is not much to do in this Spanish resort.

However, it is a spectacular departure point for a two or three hours hike to a place that will offer you picturesque views, views that will take your breath away. This hike will lead you to the interesting Chinamada, a village that became known due to the fact that its houses are all built around amazing natural caves, caves that were formed in the rock.

Mirador Aguaide is one of those places that you are not allowed to miss in the area, as the views it offers down the cliffs towards the ocean are absolutely dizzying. You can also extend your trip and hike to Taborno, as this is another place that will delight you with the beauties of the nature and all its landscapes. If you are one of those who love nature, don’t hesitate to visit Cruz del Carmen: you will love it!