The Fantastic Balearic Islands

Amazing places, amazing holidays

When you think about the beautiful Balearic Islands, the first thing that comes into your mind is the absolutely splendid beach. The beaches that wait for you here are stunning, sandy and sparkling, real wonders of the nature; this is the reason why they represent the main attraction of these famous and at the same time, popular islands.

Every single one of the four Balearic Islands has its own, original character, so try to visit them all if you decide to go on a Spanish holiday, because they all deserve your attention. For example, Ibiza is renowned for its mad parties, while Mallorca is the most famous and the largest at the same time. Formentera is preferred by artists, who consider it to be heaven on earth, while Menorca is the place where you can quietly relax, enjoying the untouched nature that surrounds you.

The islands and their attractions

Millions and millions of people choose to spend their summer holidays in Spain, because they feel attracted by the charm of its islands. Who hasn’t heard about Mallorca? Out of the four Balearic Islands, Mallorca is the largest, but also the most popular; its partying reputation is not too different from the one belonging to Ibiza, so you will mostly see young tourists here in search for fun.

The popular Bay of Palma is the most crowded part of the island, packed with trendy bars, modern discos and wonderful restaurants. It is also here that you will be welcomed by rocky coves, fantastic sandy beaches, bustling ports but also nice and quiet, traditional villages where the time seems to have stopped.

Ibiza seems to have the youngest spirit of all the Balearic, an island that attracts the attention with the wide range of options when it comes to having fun. Although the island is known for being the land of clubbing, during daytime the wonderful Las Salinas and Cabellet beaches make sure that tourists can enjoy the delicate summer sun.

Formentera is the reclusive island, the main attraction for artists, who consider it heaven on earth. Tourists come here to enjoy the picturesque rosemary bushes and the spectacular green of the omnipresent iguanas. Menorca is the conservative island, the quiet one and the one where tourists can enjoy a little bit of history thanks to its prehistoric past. You have to visit this part of Spain! It really is a ‘’must’’ on your holiday destinations list.