The Spanish Conil As A Holiday Destination

The summer holiday

There is nothing that people love most than the summer holidays; they represent the moment of the year when people can take the freedom to just relax and forget about the usual, daily problems. Spain is a great destination for those who want to relax on a delicate beach, enjoying the warm sun and the crystal clear, shallow waters of the Mediterranean.

It has hundreds and hundreds of resorts, an impressive historical and architectural heritage, beautiful customs and traditions, as well as a delicious cuisine with unique flavors that will nourish all your senses. Out of all the resorts that patiently wait for their visitors, I strongly recommend you Conil.

A few words about Conil

Conil is located just about 12 kilometers from Vejer de Frontera; the resort started to become popular a few years ago and it is now growing into an important attraction for people from all the corners of the world. Conil used to be a poor fishing village and even though you wander around its now modern streets, you still have the chance to enjoy the beauty of old monuments and buildings that once formed Conil.

One of the main attractions in Conil is represented by the spectacular beach, a stretch of a few kilometers, covered with delicate, golden sands and bathed by warm, shallow waters, perfect for swimming. Right in front of the town, you will find the family beach, so you will easily understand why you will see so many families in Conil: it represents the perfect destination for such a holiday type.

When it comes to transportation, you have nothing to worry about: there are plenty of buses that take you from the town to the beach or buses that connect Conil with bigger cities in Spain, so you can reach it regardless of the place you find yourself. A tourism office is at your disposal whenever you need help and guidance, so don’t hesitate to use its services.

You will also find a few good restaurants in Conil, especially along the front; they serve delicious seafood and you have to try the wonderful fried sea anemones: they will make you understand that in Spain, food seems to touch another level! Accommodation is available in one of the hotels or one of the many hostels, so nothing is there to prevent you from spending a pleasant holiday. Enjoy Conil!