Why tourism in Majorca is on the rise?

There is a significant increase in the number of tourists visiting the island of Majorca in the past years. The tourism industry is on a boost in Majorca. Majorca is the largest Balearic Islands. The island has a Mediterranean climate with moderate average temperatures. The island has a favorable climate with an extensive coastline and beautiful beaches. Therefore, it attracts a large number of visitors every year.

The development of tourism creates an opportunity for local people to get jobs and income. There was a lot of unemployment in Majorca, but the growth in tourism has given a source of income for the local people. Many people have been benefited with the rise in the tourism industry. In 1959, the Spanish government took steps to simplify the process of visiting the country in order to enhance the economy by gaining overseas revenue. The number of tourists increased rapidly in the early 1960s. Most of the tourists were from the UK and Germany in large numbers who visit the island during the summer season. Increased tourism in Majorca led to the growth of resort development along the coastline. The rapid growth of tourism began due to inexpensive package holidays.

Calvia is a municipality of Majorca. A large number of tourists visit this area. The area has a coastal strip of 56 Km of beaches and cliffs which makes it a wonderful vacation destination. The area is located at a small distance from the airport of Palma thus making it easily accessible to the visitors. Tourism became the main economic activity of the island. Tourism development in Majorca has greatly improved the quality of life and has increased intercultural exchange. International tourism also increases the flow of foreign currency. This influences the economy of the destination. This inflow creates a business turnover, employment opportunities, and government profits.  A considerable transformation took place in the economy of the place and especially in the city of Palma. The city became a modern and sophisticated urban economy. Therefore, tourism is a way of change in the regional and economic structures and may help in creating more employment.

There is a great social and economic impact of tourism. Tourism also affects the culture of the area. In general, tourism is a way of stimulating regional development and generates the economy of a destination. The local people of Majorca had now started to enjoy more income, more jobs, and higher land value. The government offers tax breaks, cheap land, and other incentives to the local people in order to develop tourism. Many areas of the island have become colonized by retirees from northern Europe who acquired second homes and small communities were created.

Majorca offers a lot of opportunities throughout the year for the tourists. This is also one of the benefits in comparison to the other destinations in Spain that has led to the development of tourism in Majorca. Tourists have easy access to the beaches and enjoy the sun and party. The government is making efforts to further improve and offer better facilities to the tourists so that they can get new experiences and new ways of enjoying their vacations.