The Unusual Experiences in Spain that Most Tourists Miss

Beautiful, beautiful Spain

Visit the Sagrada Familia!

Swim at Costa Del Sol!

Party it up in Ibiza!

Every destination in Spain that you visit has a few of these signs when you first land in the country. They advertise the main attractions of the city that you’re in.

They’re usually pretty good indications of what you can see, and you can have a great time seeing these popular destinations.

There is, however, one thing wrong with them.

They don’t give you the fullest experience. Travel should change you, alter your thoughts, and solve some of your biggest problems.

And travelling around Spain shouldn’t be any different.

So, here’s a quick and dirty guide to getting the most out of your Spanish trip, and experiencing something that most tourists miss out on.

Don’t succumb to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Follow our guide to what Spain has to offer.


don’t go…stay a little longer

If I could get a hold of you before you book your trip, I’d advise just one thing:

Extend your travel.

Book a later return ticket.

Stay an extra week or two or 12.

You can really lose yourself in the Spanish countryside. You can dive deep into Spanish nightlife. You can start to discover what makes Spain one of the top destinations in Europe to visit each year.

Most tourists miss out on the Spanish experience because they leave too soon. They have to ride the rails to their next European country and they think they’ve checked “Spain” off their list of destinations.

Spain isn’t a checklist item. It’s a place to linger and enjoy. We may be biased in Spain, but forget Italy. Forget Turkey. Leave Greece alone.

Stay in Spain just a little longer, and recover that lost art of just lingering somewhere.



Although they’re nice in the short-term, fast food places don’t leave you with the satisfaction of a good meal. They satisfy a hunger, but they don’t satisfy our need to savour and enjoy.

If you’re going to experience Spain, you need to savour it. Enjoy the food as a necessary part of your journey.

Visiting the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona? Good, but don’t miss out on a paella feast or a side order of Bombas found on many of the street corners.

Swimming in the Mediterranean? Afterwards, savour the taste of some classic Escalivada or Pa amb Tomaquet.

Pa amb Tomaquet

The food is as much a part of Spain as the history, the architecture or the art.

Be sure to savour the experience with ALL your senses, including your taste buds.


The Spanish lifestyle is all about relaxation. And for the ultimate package, we’d recommend living like a local. Book yourself a private villa to relax by the pool, read a book on your veranda, sleep under the covers of your warm bed while you overlook towns and perfect beaches. Or you could live in luxurious places while you soak up the Spanish Sun.  

Relaxation is what you travel for, so why not do it right. Get yourself a private villa for the whole family, and you’ll save money and never feel like you’re pressed for space again.


Sometimes travel gets too much

Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve returned home from your travel, and although you managed to squeeze in 34 different museums, 22 churches, and 16 different tours, you feel completely worn out.

You feel like you’ve missed out on the best experience of all:

Enjoying your travels.

Don’t let that become your reality here. You can really experience it all and walk away knowing you’ve enjoyed your time immensely.

And that’s because Spain loves to showcase some of its best experiences, catering to whoever you are and whatever you love.

Are you ready to live a hedonistic lifestyle, forgetting who you once were and letting it all hang loose? Ibiza sounds like your perfect destination. You’ll enjoy incredible nightlife and world-class music from artists all around the world.

You’ll never forget Ibiza

Are history and the stories of the past more up your alley? Maybe we could suggest a walking tour of Barcelona, or a few of the museums in Malaga?

Or maybe, you just want to forget the dreary days of winter and escape to find some sun.

You couldn’t go wrong with a week or two (or a month or two) on the beaches of Costa Brava. You’ll get more than your share of exquisite beaches and a less crowded taste of the sun and the sand.

Costa Brava. Are you kidding me?

We hope that, whatever you choose, that you’ll find some new experiences in Spain that you never thought you would. We hope that you live it up fully, lingering, savouring, relaxing and enjoying your time in this amazing country.