The best meeting place for Business – Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and it combines harmoniously the old era – 138 BC and the modern era wherein avant-garde buildings were erected in the new millennium. This city has business, commerce, cinema, culture, museum, theatre and music. This city is one of the most sought after cities for conducting conventions and fairs.

Valencia is located along the Spanish coastline and is the gateway to the Mediterranean. The Valencia coast has unique appeal because of the fine sand and crystal waters, vast open sea and nearness to the coastal mountain range.  The popular beaches in Valencia are – Canet d’En Berenguer, La Malvarrosa, Levante, Saler Beach and beaches of Cullera, Gandía and Oliva.

History : In ancient days Valencia was known as Edetania. This city was founded in 137 BC by the Romans.

Climate  :The climate in Valencia is hot-summer Mediterranean climate having semi-arid influences. Its temperature in January is about 13–14 °C whereas in August it increases to 28–34 °C.

Art and Culture

The tourist while walking along the streets can visibly notice in the walls and pavements, the changes that have taken place over many centuries. You can see the remains of the Roman Forum, Plaza de la Virgen and Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. The layout of Valencia has changed a lot but at the same time, it has preserved its monuments. Other important monuments are – Miguelete, Basilica of La Virgen de los Desamparados, Royal Convent of Santo Domingo, Santa Catalina, San Nicolás and San Martín.

Sports and Entertainment

Since the temperatures in Valencia are mild, it becomes easy to practice outdoor sports throughout the year for which facilities are available. One such facility is the Turia Riverbed Gardens. Since the coastline runs for 112 KM, you can practice sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, etc.

There are 6 golf courses which golfers can use for golfing. Mountainous landscape facilitates mountaineering, hiking, canoeing, cycle touring, horseback riding, microlight flying and paragliding.


The most popular dish in Valencia is Paella; this is a Spanish cuisine wherein flavors of products from sea, fields and mountain are mixed to form a single dish.

Entertainment for young people

Valencia offers a large variety of festivals, events and concerts which the young tourists could enjoy throughout the year. One such event is the concert in Viveros Gardens performed in the night. Book fair is popular in spring.

Since the weather is pleasant in the night, many people entertain themselves in the pubs, bars, nightclubs, etc. in the seaside establishments such as Marvarrosa Beach and promenade.

Other popular events are – performing arts in the streets, youth film festival, fashion shows, music festival, concerts, theatre performances, volunteer work, etc.

Parks and Gardens

There are a large number of parks and gardens that help in encouraging recreational activities. Popular among them are – Gulliver park playground, Botanic garden, Gardens of the Old Turia Riverbed, Valencia’s Zoo, etc. The zoo houses various animals such as giraffes, orangutans, exotic birds, etc.


Some of the items that you can shop in Valencia are – lace work, fans, Mainises ceramics and clothes. The arts and crafts shop – Ciutat Vellaand and other establishments in Colón offer a wide variety of choices for shopping.


Valencia offers outstanding convention centers for conferences and trade fairs and these centers are well equipped with communications network and other facilities. Popular centers are – Valentia convention centre, Feria Valencia and Valencia Concert Hall and Convention Centre.

Photo Credit: Pixabay  Shutterstock