The Complete Guide to No-Brainer Tips for Taking a Cheaper Holiday

Do you know the worst thing you can take home from your holiday?

No, it’s not sunburn. No, it’s not a foreign stomach bug from that random snack you ate on the street. It’s not even those tacky touristy “gifts” that fall apart the minute you get home.

I’ll tell you what it is:

The worst thing you can take home from your holiday is regret.

Regret that you spent too much. Regret at the sight of your next credit card bill. Regret at how long it will take you to save for the next holiday.

What if I could tell you a way to avoid that regret? To avoid the pain of spending WAY more money than you should. How would you feel knowing that you can enjoy the same perks as the person next to you on the plane, but you know you only paid HALF of what he paid?

Sounds good, right? Here’s the best part.

I’m not going to give you a way to avoid that sting of an expensive holiday.

I’m going to give you a BUNCH of tips and tricks. Normally, these tricks are reserved for the long-term travellers, the frequent flyers, the holidaymakers.

But now I’m going to let you “look behind the curtain” and take a peek at some of the RIDICULOUS savings you can enjoy so you can book your next escape sooner.

Book Cheaper Tickets on the Right Day, the Right Way

Although using sites like Secret Flying or Google Flights will help keep your costs down, it does actually matter when you book your next flight.

The actual day you book your flights on does make a difference . Other sites have done comprehensive tests to determine that the optimal time is Tuesday at midnight. Savvy shoppers end up saving a decent amount on their next airline seats by booking on a Tuesday, compared to a weekend or noonday booking.

Also, try to do your browsing for flights in “Incognito Mode” on your browser. Flight companies LOVE your data, and when you search for flights again and again, they use that data to bump up the prices slightly on those flights.

Shady? Sure

Avoidable? Absolutely!

Travel Through Smaller Airports

Just because the BIG INTERNATIONAL airport is where you’ve always flown into/out of, it’s not the best option most of the time. When you think of flying into London, where do you think of?

Was it Heathrow? Of course! EVERYONE flies in and out of Heathrow, but London is actually serviced by numerous other airports (Gatwick, Luton, Stansted…etc.), each with airlines that offer cheaper flights because you’re not bothered by flying a little out of the way.

So, when you’re searching for your next flight for a cheap holiday destination, open up your search to include airports that are close, but not necessarily right in the city. You could end up paying a LOT LESS for a little extra driving time.

Travel Local, Stay Close, and Use Your Own Car

Looking for a getaway that won’t break the bank? Try travelling locally. Many people assume that to experience the wonders of travel, they need to venture to some deep and distant part of the globe. Bah!

Why not use your time to explore the places around you? You can take smaller day trips, stay in your own home (or maybe rent out a villa. I’ll talk about that in a second)…

…but best of all? You can use your own car. Save on those headaches dealing with car-hire companies, save on insurance costs, and travel in your own car.

You can still enjoy some of the same luxuries that you like to splurge on, because you’ll have kept all that money you’d normally hand over to some greedy airline to fly you somewhere that doesn’t even serve your favourite beer.

Rent a Villa

Next time you contemplate booking some accommodation, skip the hotels and motels.

Rent a villa, an apartment, or hey, even a whole house. That’s right. Travel doesn’t mean staying in dingy hotel rooms with unfriendly staff and unusable amenities. Why subject yourself to that hassle?

No, you should enjoy some of the home comforts, even while you travel. By renting a private home or villa, you can stretch out and get some personal space.


You sit in a tiny car, to push through a crowded airport, to squish into a cramped airplane seat. Why hamper yourself with a tiny hotel room when it’s more amenable to get an entire house?

I just love that you can cook at home, saving at least 66% on your eating bill while you travel. You can cook your own preferences, and know for certain that everything is safe and healthy and much cheaper than some restaurant.

Not only that, you can book a villa next to a beach instead of finding somewhere with a pool. It’s less money and way more fun next to your own beach access.

Travel with family to split costs

And while you’re considering the option of renting your own villa (like with the people at Club Villamar), this is an interesting way that not many travellers have considered before.

Try travelling with a bunch of people. Take your friends. Go with your extended family. Grab a bunch of randoms at the airport (on second thoughts, don’t do that).

You can book even larger villas with multiple bedrooms, enough to accommodate everyone in your party. Save on the costs by splitting the bill. You can also split other costs like transport (hiring larger vehicles to carry more people) and food bills.

For example, check this place out. It’s big enough to handle your entire family, and not feel like you’re cramped in with them.

It might not be your first choice, but you don’t have to spend every minute with them. You can just go your own separate ways, and you just sleep under the same roof at night.

It could be worth hundreds of pounds in your pocket to consider it.

Avoid High Season

If you’re not picky or particular about your travel times, try an off-peak season. If you travel at times when not many others are there, you could find yourself saving over 50% on normal rates.

And that doesn’t just apply to airlines. Every aspect that runs on tourism would be willing to slash their costs during the off-peak times. Restaurants, tours and guides, and even car rental companies can sway their prices dramatically depending on the time of year you visit.

For example, if you’re looking for a getaway in Majorca (and who isn’t!?), try the mid-October slump. It’s well known for being an off-peak time to travel. Book yourself a villa and spend a few extra days without spending a few extra quid.

Travel to Cheap countries

Also, if you’re not too concerned about the destination, just that you have to escape SOMEWHERE, look for cheaper countries to visit.

If everyone wants to experience France during the springtime, good for them. You can find sweeter deals by travelling to cheaper countries. You can experience the same exquisite foods, the same remarkable culture, the same picturesque scenery, but at a fraction of what those Frenchies are spending at a pavement café in Paris.

Places like Croatia, Thailand, Spain, and India provide just as much to see and do without costing you an arm and a leg to experience it.

I’d highly recommend expanding your horizons when it comes to finding your nest destination. Think of those out-of-the-way places, and you’ll see the savings soon enough.

Stay Out Of the Cities

I’ve got a great tip here. If you want to experience the big city, there’s no need to sleep there.

Staying in large cities can be COSTLY. But what if I told you that you could save up to 75% on your accommodation simply by choosing to stay out of the way? Book a stay in smaller, rural destinations to take advantage of cheaper rates.

Enjoy the cities, but just don’t sleep there. Your wallet will thank you.

Book Your Own Tours

It may be tempting to find a guide to take you around the sights if you’re in an unfamiliar city, but it doesn’t have to be that way any more.

Put on the bright red hat, wave your tiny orange flag and become your very own tour guide. Through the wonder of a little time on Google and a willingness to explore (and maybe get lost), you can discover the great places on your holiday without handing cash over to some local.

There’s not a lot you can’t find on the Internet these days, so why not take some time to plan your excursions?

Know Your Numbers

Because there are some numbers nerds among you (myself included), I’ve included some stats to be aware of before you start planning your next cheap holiday.

  • 20% – the amount you’ll save by shopping duty free
  • £100s – the amount of money in your pocket after booking a private villa
  • 300% – travelling by coach rather than train
  • 25-40% – average saving for off-peak travellers
  • 50% – saving for eating local foods
  • 0 – The amount of regret you’ll take home with you next time.

Part of the fun of booking a holiday is the great adventures you’ll uncover. But I think the greatest part is the great savings you can find under every category.

But I’m just a travel nerd, like you.

It’s time to get out there and start saving. Happy (cheap) holidaying!


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