Why A Villa In Spain Makes For The Ideal Girls’ Getaway

Good friends, great times!

What’s better than a vacation in Spain? A vacation in Spain with a group of your favourite girlfriends! Our close friends are a huge part of our life – these are the people that love us unconditionally and are there for the good times and bad. One way of ensuring a great time is had by all is to grab your best gal pals and rent a villa in Spain for an experience you’ll be talking about for a long, long time! There are so many reasons this is good idea…here are just a few!

Perfect for any occasion

With destination celebrations gaining popularity, renting a villa, whether it’s for a bachelorette, birthday, retirement party or wedding shower, is the perfect choice. With such a wide variety of villas to choose from groups of all sizes can be easily accommodated and their privacy ensures you can throw a great party without disturbing your neighbours! Villas also give you the chance to create a unique experience for yourself and your friends, customizing your trip to suit all tastes and interests.

Sun, sun, sun!

Sun, sea and friends…the perfect mix!

One of the biggest attractions of Spain is, of course, the amazing weather. Whatever part of the country you visit, whether the bustling beach towns along the Costa Brava, the wide open, white-sand beaches of the Costa Blanca or the quaint historical villages around Girona, you’re almost guaranteed to experience maximum sunshine which, of course, means maximum tanning time! Spain has so much to offer in amazing beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters, it might be hard to tear some of your friends away from the sun, sand and surf!

Space for all

You love your friends, but that doesn’t mean you want to be living on top of them! Renting a villa is ideal for groups as it allows everyone to have their own space and privacy but without experiencing the impersonal isolation of a hotel room. The relaxed atmosphere of a villa gives guests more choice too in how they spend their time, whether they want to rise at the crack of dawn for a dip in the pool or sleep in after a late night on the town.

Cost Counts

Cost should never stand in the way of a good time, but not everyone in your group will have the same budget. Rented villas are not only more affordable than pricy hotel rooms, but the cost is split between the whole group, making it the perfect excuse to invite more friends!

Kitchen Creativity

Because every villa comes with a fully functional kitchen, making meal times a group effort is fun way to reconnect with your friends while experimenting with some local recipes. With such a choice of fresh produce, meat and fish from the village markets, making something everyone enjoys is simple. It also makes life a lot easier for those friends with food allergies and not being tied to the hotel dining schedule makes meal times a lot more relaxed.

Activities for All

Group activities on vacation are awesome, but everyone has a different idea of adventure. Rather than being tied to a resort and relying on their itinerary of activities, when you rent a villa your time is your own. So, while one group of your friends may want to experience the thrill of water sports, others may prefer a hike in the hills or an afternoon taking in some culture at the local museum. However you choose to spend your day, gathering around the pool over a cocktail at the end of the day is usually on everyone’s to-do list!


It makes so much sense to rent a villa for your girls’ getaway and with the range of accommodations available, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect place to relax, reconnect and be reminded of just how lucky you are to have such great girlfriends.


Photo Credits: Annie Gray/ Roberto Nickson