Visit Valencia in Spain – Home of “Paella”!

Valencia started out as the name of a community and then became an established city. It is said to be one of the oldest communities in Spain and is one of the most densely populated cities on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea overlooking the Gulf of Valencia. The city of Valencia is very popular and is frequented by many tourists. Being a busy, bustling city, Valencia has many interesting attractions for tourists to enjoy their holiday.

City of Arts and Sciences:

This huge educational complex, which almost resembles a complete city in itself, was designed by the internationally famous Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava. It is a most imposing modern construction and is, literally, a real visual feast. The standard of education in this place of learning is equal to that of any other found in Europe.
Marine Park:

The Marine Park is called ‘L Oceanografico’ and is the largest marine park in Europe. It has to be viewed from underground where one can see the sharks, dolphins and many other aquatic species passing over your head or underneath your leg and on either side of your body! It is a unique experience. It is as if you were under the sea, so be ready to shake hands and see eye to eye with your aquatic friends!

Green House:

Called the “L’umbracle”, this green area has groups of the rarest species of plants from all over the world. The interior is decorated with sculptures by current Spanish artists.

City Hall:

The town hall square is called “Plaza del Ayuntamiento”. The Town Hall building itself is most imposing and should not be missed on your sight seeing trip. Beware – the building is so beautiful that you will be lured back to revisit this place. This modern building was built recently with a beautiful mix of Gothic and Modern architecture. The building is surrounded by beautiful parks.

Plaza de la Virgen:

This is a very holy place for all Spanish Catholics. The cathedral was first built during the Roman period has since been partly rebuilt. It houses the statue of the most revered “Virgen of the Forsaken”. If you climb to the top of the dome of the cathedral, you will have the most splendid views of Valencia. Most of the buildings around the Cathedral are believed to have been built centuries ago.

Photo Credit:Shutterstock