Visiting Spain From Madrid To Consuegra

Spain, a lovely country

It is amazing what kind of feeling you get when your holiday starts and you find yourself in a place that you’ve always dreamt about. Because you are in pleasant company, surrounded by a beautiful landscape and welcoming people, your batteries get recharged after becoming overused in your hectic day to day life.

Spain is the type of country that can help you recharge your batteries without too much effort, because it is a spectacular place, ready to offer something to every tourist that crosses its borders and steps on its land.

What can a tourist do in Spain?

This question is a very frequent one. People ask themselves what kind of holiday they would have in Spain. Well, don’t worry about getting bored, because that is not the case. Instead, worry that you will not have enough time to do everything that you have in mind.

The list of activities is impressive. If you visit a city, you should get into contact with its architecture and its history, so sightseeing should be on your list. If you are an energetic person and you want an active holiday, visit a rural area which will give you the opportunity to go hiking in picturesque places, to go horseback riding, cycling, climbing or any other activity that crosses your mind.

Those who choose to visit small villages will surely be impressed by the beauty of the customs and traditions which are still alive in these cozy corners of Spain. Now, if you want to know which place in Spain attracts the biggest number of tourists, then you should know that Madrid, the capital of the country, is on top.

Madrid attracts with its architecture, its Royal Palace and with its old district of the city, but it also attracts with its location: a lot of other interesting cities are situated very close to it, so they are very accessible. One of these cities is Consuegra.

About Consuegra

From Madrid you can easily get to Consuegra by taking the Samar bus. When you get there, the first thing that pops in front of your eyes is the windmills. These are the same windmills that Don Quixote made so famous.

Since you are in Consuegra, you will also be impressed by the saffron flowers, the ones that are responsible for the purple color of the city. Enjoy!