5 Experiences not to miss in Lloret de Mar

Beautiful Lloret de Mar by night!

Lloret de Mar is the capital of Costa Brava in Spain’s Catalonia region which has spectacular beaches where you can relax on the warm sand and several other hot and exciting spots. Lloret is known as the most loved family vacation destination in Europe. This place is just perfect due to the Mediterranean climate, unique outdoor cafes, restaurants and bars where you can chill out having delicious food and wine. Though there are many places and activities which you can do once you are in Lloret. The following are the five enthralling experiences not to miss in Lloret de Mar.

1. Experience the Beauty of Spectacular Architecture

Lloret has unique architecture, on one side is most planned and developed town and on the other side when you travel to the old town , you will be awed by wonderful castles, such as the Sant Joan Castle and D’en Plaja Castle which are the landmark castles and are a must see destination.

Mostly all the uniquely crafted buildings are the inheritance of the Indianos, the best piece of architecture of the Indiano is the Can Garriga which is the colonial style building with three floors. While exploring this building you can also visit Passeig Verdaguer a sandy area which is surrounded by the palm trees.

The next picturesque monument is the Church of Sant Roma; you will be extremely delighted with just a single glance on it. This church was built in the 16th century and was modernized in the 20th century. Last but not the least don’t miss to visit the famous Lloret Open Museum, (MOLL).This serene museum includes remnant of ancient houses, numerous well architecture buildings and early Iberian inhabitants. You can also visit some more old churches which will mesmerize you with their beautiful old architecture.

2. Explore the Ancient Culture

Puig de Castellet MOLL Site 4 – Iberian Settlement, (Urbanització Roca Grossa C. / Poblat Ibèric) was initiated in the 3rd century BC and it is situated only 2 kms from the town. This small settlement is a remote part of a huge settlement and due to its prudent location, many capabilities were adhered to this building mainly controlling and having eye on the movements of the inhabitants of the neighboring places.

You will be amazed to view the construction of this settlement which has an open space which was surrounded by six houses; the central place was left empty to carry the community work. This site was also used to store rainwater as well as to gush out and collect waste. You can also see the ancient style of oven which was used for heating bricks, bread and clay vessels. You can also visit other two famous settlements namely Sanctuary of Sant Pere del Bosc and Montbarbat.

3. Beautiful Beaches

Lloret de Mar is famous for its golden beaches. To get an exhilarating experience of the beaches put you’re walking boots on and start walking along the coastal footpath and if you are in a mood to go for a really long walk then you can walk from Santa Cristina Beach to Canyelles Beach which is around 9.4 kilometers. Some of the popular beaches are:

Platja de Lloret Platja de Lloret Beach is the largest beach of this place and it is located in the middle of the town with parking facilities as even locals love to visit this serene beach quite often. If you are a water sports lover then you should visit this place between 21st June and 11th September and enjoy Jet Ski, water skiing, kayaking and parasailing.

Platja de Fenals – Fenals Beach It is the second largest beach of Lloret which covers an area of 700 meters in length. It is situated adjacent to the castle. You will love this beach and you can also enjoy many water sports. Cala Boadella, Boadella Cove and Platja Santa Cristina – St. Christine Beach are also visited by a large of number of tourists and locals, so you may even explore these too if you want to enjoy the sea and relax at the shores.

4. Get acquainted with Nature – Explore Trekking sites

Lloret has also certain hiking points for the trekking lovers and while you trek along the hiking trails which are in and around the town you will tend to get more close to nature. You will be amazed to see the butterflies and different types of wild flowers while you travel through the forests of the inland trails. Once you walk through the coastal path you can view the waves smashing onto the rocks.

If you wish to get close to the aquatic world then you can surely opt for scuba diving. You will be really close to nature’s beauty once you visit the Santa Clotilde Gardens, situated near the Fenal Beach, the sunrise view here is amazing. Here you will experience one of the most beautiful scenes of your life as the plants are illuminated with first rays of the sun gradually as the Sun rises. It is a speechless experience.

5. Taste the traditional local food

The vacation is incomplete if you have not tasted the traditional local food of that area. So just move around the small stalls and grab yourself the local fish and fresh wine. You will be just chilled and happy to taste the local ham, tapas, seafood and cheese. Once you are here don’t miss the local dried meat and different flavored sausages accompanied with fresh cheese.

You will fall in love with this place if you are a lover of meat with sausages and cheese dressings. But if you want to have the common snacks like the pizza or burger, then don’t be sad, you can grab these from anywhere, as these stuff is easily available at every corner of the town. Now coming to the drinks, Spain is famous for its wine, cocktails and sangria. Indianos brought the concept of the cocktails in Lloret de Mar. The Floridita Daiquiri is the signature cocktail of this town which is made by mixing maraschino, white rum and lime juice.

You must try it at least once to get the thrilling experience.So just pack your bags and land in the town of Lloret de Mar which is full of beautiful buildings with spectacular architecture, ancient culture and heritage sites, hiking and trekking trails, explore the nature with Santa Clotilde Gardens and relax on the warm sands of its golden & serene long beaches. And last but not the least don’t forget to experience the local delicious food and the Floridita Daiquiri cocktail.

The Lloret de Mar Castle