5 Interesting Places of Visit in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country to spend your holiday; you will be thrilled with the fun in the sun and sand, besides the many interesting historical sights that will help you relive your history classes. With too many interesting choices to start your journey, below are the recommended 5 interesting places to visit while in Spain which you will not regret.


This enchanting island is located off the North East Spanish coast; it is renowned for its special brew and night life where a big crowd comprising young travelers and tourists gathers nightly. For a different clubbing experience during your holiday, you will not get it better than at Ibiza which offers a totally different nightlife culture. It would seem that all party animals are on the loose here.


This impressive city offers much with its cosmopolitan residency and lifestyle. The culture is so diverse here that there is certainly something for everyone in Barcelona. For the young and energetic, there is the really lively bar with clubbing facilities at the waterfront which is open from evenings till the early morning hours.

For those interested in culture, informative museums and architectures from different eras are the places of attraction. You can also relax at the beach front or try your hand at some water sports or live fishing at the deep. There are city tours and shopping opportunities for those who prefer a different type of holiday pace.


This town may be smaller than Barcelona but it is a great place to hang out if you have a week to spare. The quiet atmosphere here is very relaxing to the soul and body where you can enjoy more of the true local lifestyle. Staying is cheaper with a friendly community. There are many budget airlines that serve Alicante as it has its own local airport. You can enjoy the view at the marina with the beckoning weather all around.


This town may not be every tourist’s first preference; it is located at Spain’s Northern coast. There is a ferry service to Santander from Britain’s Plymouth. Santander is a great place to experience the Spanish culture in all its originality.


Last but not least, Madrid, Spain’s famous capital is an interesting city with lots of happenings and many interesting activities to attract its visitors and locals. The galleries are well stocked with beautiful pieces from ancient days as well as from contemporary artists while the museums offer more than a glimpse of the past. Cuisine is exquisite here, especially the local fare.