A Visit to Benidorm

Benidorm is well-known among Europeans for its glittering nightlife, its many beaches, its theme parks as well as the yearly Benidorm International Song Festival. It is a town in the province of Alicante along the western Mediterranean Sea.

A Small Fishing Village
Formerly a small fishing village, it is now one of the most vibrant tourist destinations in Spain, popular with north-Europeans as well as the British. It has many tall hotels and apartment buildings that stand out against the nearby Puig Campana mountain, whose 1406 meter height looms against the skyline.

The Beaches
Even though most tourists are attracted by the nightlife with its many cabarets, some of them free, others who visit Benidorm prefer to spend more time on the three beaches, denominated the Llevante, Poniente and Mal Pas, all of which have the coveted blue flag that signifies compliance with water quality, safety measures and environment standards for marinas and beaches. If you visit one of these beaches, you can be sure of a safe as well as a relaxing atmosphere.

Theme Parks
The theme parks of Benidorm are another of the offerings that attract many tourists. The Terra Mitica Fun Park is divided into five thematic areas, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia and The Islands, each area having as its theme the culture and legends of these places. You can visit the park of your interest and enjoy the many representations of the cultural life of the past.

The Rides
The park rides are colored according to complexity, red indicating the most difficult and green those that are easiest. Blue indicates rides that are suitable for children. With about 25 different rides to choose from, you are sure to find something that suits you.

Mundomar is a marine animal park where you can see dolphins, sea lions, penguins as well as other marine and land animals. The dolphin shows are a special attraction at Mundomar.

You can watch the show from an underwater viewing point that gives you a better appreciation of these wonderful animals. The sea lions and seals are also featured in the shows and these are a great favorite with the kids. The parrots on roller skates will surely bring a smile to the faces of everyone.

Night Life
The nightlife is one of the attractions in Benidorm. The Benidorm Palace is a night club that features entertainers who have already demonstrated their talents in some of the most famous clubs in Europe.

After a good dinner in the club, you can sit back and enjoy the show which is sure to be first class. For those who prefer cabaret, there is none better than the Stardust. The emphasis is on comedy and you are sure to keep on laughing during the entire show. There are other cabarets and clubs that offer a variety of shows and you will surely find one that you like.