The Spanish city of Ronda is situated in the Malaga province which is an autonomous community in Andalusia. The distance between this city and Malaga is 100 KM and it has an approximate population of 36000.History
This city was called the Eagle’s Nest during its tenure. One of the reasons attributed to this was that it sits on the mountains above its gorge. Another reason was that the inhabitants are reputed for being ferocious. According to another theory the expression – Izna Rand Onda – which means Castle of Laurel is the origin for the name of this town.

This town’s history begins from Neolithic times and the monuments of the megaliths such as the La Planilla burial grounds from the Bronze age are still existing.

The following are the other most important sites in this place.
Acinipo Theatre – was built in the Celtic period
Moorish baths remains
The Puerta de la Ecijara

The average temperatures in a year are as follows.
Maximum – 24 °C in the months of June- August
Minimum – 9 °C in February

Art and Culture
Alameda del Tajo – is a 19th century front garden that was called initially as Alameda de San Carlos; in this city nobody had front garden.

Spectacular balcony of Paseos – are the walkways located behind the Toros Plaza and these walkways which are in memory of the two famous American artists – Orson Welles and Ernest Hemingway who spent a lot of their time residing in this place. Their writings are full of bull fighting and beauty in this place.

The laura Museum – is one of the museums of art and subjects wherein 2000 pieces are exhibited from the worlds of art, communication, archaeology, science and popular arts.

The gastronomy of this town is based on lamb, artichokes, rabbit and beef. There are many types of Andalusia dishes like fried breadcrumbs, gazpacho, partridge, trout and omelet. The soups here come under many varieties and they use chestnuts in many of them. Yemas del tajo is a famous pudding and is based on egg.

Sports and Entertainment
In the northern side of Socorro Plaza there is a building called the Casino and Artists Society. Blas Infante, father of Andalusia conducted his first meeting of the Andalucian assembly in the year 1918.

During this meeting the bright flag of Andalucia was unveiled. You can witness the plaque to this assembly meeting that was historic in nature.
At present this casino building conducts cultural events in this town; also it contains four library collections of Ronda.