Beauty of Spain – Barcelona

The most beautiful city of Spain, Barcelona has undergone a lot of transformation; it was once a town most loved by Romans. The city has outstanding examples of Gothic architectural works. In the entire Europe, the city has more buildings which have marvels of architectural works. It has the busiest sea. Barcelona is the host 2016 Olympics.

Let us just take a short trip around the city:

There are many tourist spots in Barcelona. It has many churches, cathedral and museums of historical importance. Gothic quarters are one of the most interesting places. The buildings are believed to have been built in 14th and 15th century. The dark and narrow streets, of course properly illuminated in the night, house a lot of restaurants and cafes which charge quite moderately. At the end of this quarter is the wall believed to have been built by Gothic. tourist spots

La Ramba is one of the streets that will never be missed even by those who frequently visit Barcelona. Everything under the sun is available on this street. This long street is full of flowering trees. The uniqueness of this street is that it retains its originality; the old buildings, layout of the roads all have their marvelous tradition. There are great parks, restaurants, shopping malls and what not.

Antonio Gaudi, the greatest architect the world has ever seen has made masterpiece works in Barcelona. Park Quell, Sagrada familia, Casa Battlo are just some of the many masterpieces of this great genius of the world. All these masterpieces are in Barcelona. He has built cathedral, parks and what not.

L aquarium Barcelona brings the aquatic life just in front of the visitor’s eyes. He can see the great fishes, dolphins and rare aquatic life just in front of his eyes. He can conveniently walk through a glass tunnel to see these marine species. There is a restaurant and a souvenir centre also inside this L Aquarium.

There are many buses and trains connecting the nearby cities. The beach is also available for relaxation; but the beach is generally crowded. There are many hotels and apartments for a comfortable stay.  Rentals are quite competitive in these apartments and hotels.

Photo Credit:Shutterstock