Spain Wildlife Holiday


A wildlife holiday in Spain can be a thrilling and enjoyable experience. Spain has a number of geographically diverse regions and is therefore home to different terrain and climates within its borders. This accounts for a large variety of animals that are indigenous to Spain.

Visitors to Spain can indulge in watching exceptional species of animals and do fantastic bird watching. The Brown Mountain bear and the Egyptian mongoose are the main features of Spain wildlife. Spain has a large amount of land that has been marked as national reserve so that the wildlife in Spain could be protected.

The Brown bear has been a permanent and traditional part of Spain’s wildlife but the amount of brown beers have declined over last hundred years. Despite the best efforts to conserve the species only few hundred in numbers are left. The best place where you can spot a brown bear is in the Cordillera Cantabrica National Park. The Iberian Lynx is another species of wildlife animal that is indigenous and can only be seen in Spain. But the sad news is that even this species is facing extinction. Animal experts of Spain estimate that the number of Iberian Lynx currently in Spain is around 400. You can spot this species in the famous Danona National Park situated in Andalusia which is the southern part of Spain.


Iberian Lynx

Another special animal that is worth spotting is the Long Haired Mountain Goat. According to wildlife experts that are responsible for monitoring wildlife, the number of Mountain goats present in Spain is about 20,000. This concludes that it is not very difficult to spot this animal in Spain. The male Mountain goats is an interesting animal to watch as it uses its long horns and agility on steep mountains to climb and to find food.

The diverse topography of Spain has resulted in availability of different manner of wildlife from Fleming goat, exotic butterflies, beers, Eagles, snakes, wolves, lynx and bears etc. to San Lorenzo’s wild horses. The coastal areas of Spain are also well known to contain a number of exotic species. People really enjoy scuba diving in the blue Mediterranean water of Spain and enjoy watching various aquatic animals such as dolphins, whales and seals etc.

Photo Credit:Shutterstock