Basque – a province dependent on agriculture, yet a prominent tourist spot

This province originally inhabited by people of Indo European origin is located near Cantabrian Mountain. Vizcaya, Guipuzcoa and Alava are the other towns coming under this province. This is a province largely dependent on agriculture but has many interesting places for tourists. The enormous mountain range surrounding the province, a beautiful port, Gothic cathedral are the other places of interest.

The different cities coming under the Basque are in a range of about 30 minutes drive. For example Bilbao, one of the cities of Basque has a beautiful port. There is an ancient church which is said to be centuries old. There is also an imposing building of the Town Hall and a beautiful park surrounding it. Another important area worth seeing is the Guggenheim Museum. The building of this Museum is said to be a masterpiece work of the 20th century. There is an exhibition of modern art. This is a rotating exhibition and it is proud of its collection of ancient art and paintings.

Butron Castle

The other important town worth visiting is San Sabastian. This town is very close to the French border. This town is considered as the most fashionable town of Spain offering the tourists the beautiful beach and resorts. There is a castle which is said to have been built in the 13th Century. This castle called the Castle of Butron gives deep insight into the history of the province. In fact, no tourist misses this castle.

Victoria is another place worth visiting. History says that the place was named after her to commemorate the victory of the British in the Peninsula War. This victory is celebrated in the city even to this day. Special functions are arranged for this great event. There are two cathedrals in this town. In fact, even these cathedrals are said to have been built centuries ago.

So Basque has a beautiful beach, range of mountains and vast land with lush greens around, which make the tourists fall in love with this town. There are beautiful villas for ensuring a comfortable stay for the tourists. Shops sell popular products produced locally. Restaurants serve the best dishes of the region.

Photo Credit:Shutterstock