The Best Cuisine in Costa Brava That the Locals Love

Spain is known for delectable dishes that tempt the palate and outstanding wines that tickle the senses. You’ll find a wide selection of distinctive foods throughout Spain, but be prepared to get spoiled while you’re in beautiful Costa Brava! There’s a variety of restaurants, dishes and prices that are suitable for all tastes and budgets, making it one of the best culinary destinations around. Just make sure you go prepared to open your world to new taste experiences, because you’ll find interesting and unusual dishes you may never think to try if you were anywhere else!

Here are some Costa Brava restaurants that offer the best cuisine that the locals love:

La Font Picant

La Font Picant is a historical restaurant nestled in what once was a railway station. On the outside, you’ll be met with a beautiful garden, but on the inside you’ll find black and white photos from years past. Each of the courses is simple, but absolutely delicious. You can enjoy hams and white sausage, common dishes throughout Catalonia, including botifarra. Botifarra is a local favorite, used any time of the day in main courses or appetizers and desserts.

La Taverna del Mar

You may have heard about a common Catalonian dish, paella, but have you heard of fideuà? Similar to the paella, fideuà is made with noodles instead of rice and seafood in fish broth. While paealla is a popular dish for tourists, you’ll find that the locals actually prefer fideuà. So, if you’re searching for local cuisines, be sure to check this one out! While dining at La Taverna del Mar you can also try another local favorite, gazpacho. Gazpacho is a chilled soup made with olive oil, tomatoes, onion and cucumber.

Sa Marinada

You can find fideuà at Sa Marinada as well, a local favorite for more seafood dishes. If you typically avoid seafood but feel ready to branch out, this is the place to go! The food here sometimes looks fishier than it tastes, which makes it a great entry restaurant into the world of seafood. While here, be sure to try the steamed mussels in white wine. Mussels are widely served in a variety of dishes throughout Catalonia’s coastal towns, so they’re a definite must-have while you’re exploring Costa Brava!

El Ginjoler

At El Ginjoler you can taste one of the best desserts that Spain has to offer, Crema Catalana. This traditional dessert is made with lemon zest, sugar, corn flour, egg yolks and milks, and somewhat resembles a crème brulee. Even if you aren’t a big fan of sweets, this is one you’ll want to try out! It’s especially intriguing at this restaurant, because you may have the opportunity to watch the chefs as they make them!

Dining Hall of the Monks in the Sant Feliu de Guixols Monastery

This one isn’t actually a restaurant, but an amazing experience none-the-less. If you’re interested in local history and culture, be sure to stop by the Sant Feliu de Guixols Monastery, where you can tour the dining hall of the monks and the kitchen where their meals are cooked. It’s a great opportunity to get an inside look at how this group of locals lives!

Really, You Can’t Go Wrong!

No matter where you choose to dine in Costa Brava, you can’t really go wrong! As long as you follow the footsteps of the locals you’ll be sure to find an amazing variety of cuisine that you’ll be eager to make back at home. Just remember to keep an open mind so you can try a little of everything without missing out on some of the best dishes you’ll find in the world!