Breaking the monotony at Barcelona this Epiphany

End of Christmas and New Year also marks the beginning of a prosperous year and with it we welcome the old customs revisited in a new way. Epiphany, which is quite similar to Christmas, makes an official end to the prolonged holiday season. Epiphany or ‘the twelfth day of Christmas’ falls on every 6th of January brings happiness and joy amongst all. The term ‘Epiphany’ initiates from the Greek term signifies conceding Christ to the world. Many countries rejoice this special day as the “twelfth night” and the Monday post-epiphany is regarded as “plough Monday”. The delight of being in Spain, especially in Barcelona during Epiphany, is a time for rejoice. Epiphany is not only just celebrated but acknowledged in each and every part, keeping up with the stature of Christmas. Here’s a few things one can try doing in Barcelona in Epiphany.

Epiphany parade– why not beat the post-Christmas blues this year by cruising off to Barcelona and drenching in the astounding Epiphany celebrations! The Epiphany Parade takes place on the Barcelona’s streets every year. This grand parade generally jolts at the Parc de la Ciutadella and continues up the Carrer de Margues de l’Argentera, displays colourful and creative array of clowns, gymnasts and many costumed performers. The streets are filled by thousands of enthusiastic viewers who are ready to catch each and every sight of such remarkable celebrations.

Feasting at its best– Extravagant and excessive feasts are put up in every city eateries where locals are seen happy to open their patiently-awaited presents.The extraordinary feast is clinched with Roscon de Reyes, a distinct and special Christmas cake keeping the traditional feature intact of Spain’s Epiphany celebrations.

The Cabalgata(three king day parade)- If you’re a child at heart, then you are more than welcome to the Cabalgata parade. The three king day parade is performed and celebrated in Malaga, Barcelona and in major parts of Spain. The parade covers the entire city including the pre- historic centre thereby reaching the main city. A quick pass by the parade could not only fetch an outstanding view but sheer happiness in the form of candies. This is therefore one of the craziest things to do in Barcelona in winter.

Savour some sweet tooth – ‘Roscón de Reyes’, the traditional baked cake of epiphany is a sheer delight. Each and every household, shops and bakery houses bake the exquisite sweet. Often confused with doughnuts, this baked happiness is little bigger in shape, with a dry texture, iced with sugar and sliced and minced fruits. It is available everywhere and is a must for all in Barcelona.

Spending time with friends and family– Make the most to the end of the festive season by spending time with family and friends blissfully. Welcome the ‘plough Monday’ on a happy note is the best way to bid the festive season. With Barcelona’s mild winter fading out and calm autumn winds coming in, its perfect time to bid goodbye to the festive season.

Shoes and the gifts– Keep the shoes handy unlike socks during Christmas time. Little children follow the tradition with love here in Barcelona. Little shoes are kept with grains and straws in them, which are replaced with candies and sweet cookies in return. This tradition is quite alike Christmas, and often regarded as a renewal of the traditional Christmas day.

So here are all the fantastic reasons, why it is always the perfect and best reason to celebrate epiphany in Barcelona. Clear the festive blue in style.