Castellón – Costa de Azahar

Castellon is the capital city of the province of the same name that includes 112 km of unspoilt Mediterranean coastline which is also called the Costa Azahar. Castellon Province has more than beaches to offer the intrepid tourist- its mountainous environment offers tourists the chance to hike or discover quiet villages tucked away in its folds.

Castellon City

Castellon City has existed since the 13th Century during the Middle Ages. It is not densely populated for its size, its residents number 140,000. The city has a modern feel but its ancient origins remain evident.

Sights in Castellon:

The city is pleasant to stroll around as it is not too extensive to explore on foot. A landmark in Castellon is El Fadri, a bell tower which dates from the 16th Century and is still in use today, ringing every hour, on the hour and at the commencement of special occasions in the city.

The Santa María de la Asunción Cathedral was built in the 13th century, having renovations made to it in the Gothic style 100 years later. It sustained extensive damage during the civil war and was reconstructed 1940, though it remains unfinished.

Beautiful tapestries may be viewed here as well as religious artefacts in its main structure and its own museum. San Agustín church and Convent is constructed in the Baroque style. There are beautiful frescos to be viewed on the domed ceiling and its chapel contains Oliet’s paintings.

There are plentiful museums to visit in Castellon, the most famous of which is the Bellas Artes Museum. This museum, housed in an 18th Century structure contains archaeological findings, sculptures, paintings and a large collection of ceramics. The Ethnological Museum contains displays relating to the traditional crafts of the area, such as weaving, shoe making, textiles and smithies.

The Ribalta Park is the favoured place to walk amongst Castellon locals with a relaxed ambience and beautiful surroundings. A vibrant Arts and Crafts fair can be found there on Festival days.

Dining out in Castellón:

Castellon’s cuisine is based mainly on seafood as its extensive coastline is a rich source of fresh fish, prawns and shellfish. Local dishes that should be sampled are paellas, especially seafood varieties, or the ‘Tombet del Maestrazgo’ a soup particular to the region. Excellent tapas bars can be found in the ‘Plaza de Santa Clara’ and surrounds.

Castellon is a perfect holiday destination boasting clean, gorgeous beaches, plenty of sights and museums to visit and wonderful local food.

Photo Credit:Pixabay