Spain is full of wonders for the tourists

Selecting the best place for holidaying is easy; because Spain is the most ideal place for holidaying. But selecting the best place for holidaying in Spain is very difficult. This is because every corner of Spain is ideal for holidaying. Let us just go round one or two places of importance for tourists in Spain:


This medieval period small village is just about one hour drive from Madrid. The village is situated near the Segovia. The villagers are proud of their village because it is a place where many noblemen lived. The narrow cobbled street reminds the visitor of beautiful days of the yester years when the Castilla inhabitants lived there centuries ago. Many of the houses of noblemen have been restored to their previous glory. There are many places to visit in Pedraza. Santa Maria Church built in the year 1500 presents a most imposing view.

Pedraza Castle rebuilt in the 15th century is another marvelous example of architectural expertise of people of early settlement. Plaza Mayor, beautiful medieval town square with surrounding park is worth seeing. There are many hotels and villas to comfort the tourists. There are many restaurants serving the most popular local dishes like local vegetables, lentil stews, etc.


Ceutí Murcia Spain


There is an adage ‘where there is a will, there is a way’. This is true of Ceutí, located in the province Murcia. Thanks to the innovative methods of the young Mayor Manuel Hurtado, this small village which had suffered many economic failures, failing industries and faced other odds has now limped back to normalcy and today it is the hub of cultural activity. The villagers learnt more about modern art and made it their living. It was a successful venture.

The villagers earned enormous money. The money earned through the art and exhibitions is spent by the government for social activities. There are many places to visit in this village; it’s beautiful environment, the most imposing view of the village, old churches and parks are some of them. There are also villas in the nearby Murica province as well as in Ceuti. There is enough scope for recreation. Just a visit will convince the visitor.

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