Spain a Heaven for Tourists

It is really so; Spain is a heaven for tourists. There are so many places to see, understand its culture and the history behind it. Added to it is the beautiful nature;  a vast beach of the Mediterranean Sea with a row of mountains running parallel to it and beautiful coves in between the sea and mountains. This is the real splendor of nature. To enjoy this are the villas. Just a visit will authenticate this claim.

‘Granada’ located at the foot of the famous mountain row Sierra Nevada is one such place visited by tourists. Granada is located at a beautiful spot at a place where the three rivers Beiro, Genil and Darro congregate. It is not just the natural beauty; there are many other places to see in this great city of Granada. One of the places of interest is mentioned here:


This small town is located on the top of a hill. The fort built on the hill appears like a crown on the head of the king. From the top of the hill which is located at a height of about 105 meters above sea level, one can see the most impressive natural beauty; the three rivers, the blue mountain and greenery around. Guides suggest reaching the hill by foot so that one can enjoy the nature much better. The famous Mudejar church built in the 16th century is located on the top of a mosque.

Salobreña Spain


Locals mention of a short story which goes like this: the Sultan of this town was on his deathbed and he feared that his brother would prevent his son from inheriting the property. Sultan’s brother was already in prison. In spite of this, Sultan arranged to kill his brother. But the brother requested the Sultan to fulfill his last wish; play a game of chess. The Sultan agreed to this request. The Sultan’s brother continued to play the game till the Sultan died. Naturally, his brother succeeded to the throne.

Salobrena is also known for its perennial cultural show; dramas, films, festivals, concerts and what not! Mouth watering traditional cuisines are available throughout the year. In summer, special dinner parties are held for the tourists. There are many villas on the top of this old city. An artificial reef has been built for the tourists to enjoy. Many sports are played here and deep sea diving is one of the most popular sports. Just visit Salobrena, you will enjoy it.

Photo Credit:Shutterstock