Places of visit in Spain – Barcelona

Any one visiting Spain will never miss a visit to Barcelona. It is such a beautiful place and in and around Barcelona there are many places of interest for the tourist. In fact many of the places have historical importance also.

Just a little away from Barcelona there are places to enjoy; the beautiful nature, imposing coves, restaurants serving choicest traditional food of Barcelona, captivating places for wood walk, luxurious villas for comfortable stay, etc. While in Barcelona there are so many places to visit which keeps the tourist engaged throughout the day as well as at night! Guell Park is one such place which is worth visiting.

Guell Park:

The Park has a history of its own. The area where the park is now situated is actually a rocky area. It was actually meant for a commercial housing complex. But the plan did not get support and only one house was built on experimental basis. But even this house was could not be sold. It was Mr. Eusebi Guell who conceived the idea of converting it into a park.

The Garden City Movement of Britain instigated Mr. Guell to convert this proposed housing complex into a garden. That was in the year 1904. The only house that was built was bought by Mr. Guell himself. That was in the year 1906. This park has been named after Mr. Guell, and was called ‘Guell Parc’ which later became ’Guell Park’.

Park Güel Barcelona

This municipal park can be reached by underground railway. The entrance to the park is free. The main terrace of the park shaped in the form a serpent presents an imposing view. Beautifully laid roads inside the park were actually meant for the proposed houses. The roads have colonnaded foot paths and pathways. As soon as one reaches the top, he will have a spectacular view of the city of Barcelona.

The serpentine shape bench is so artistically designed that it can be used by people to comfortably sit on and chat in privacy! Beautiful tiles have been used in making of this serpentine bench so that it would dry quickly after rain. The terrace has many bird nests that house many pigeons, sparrows and many other birds.

Photo Credit:Shutterstock