How to Choose Your Travel Accommodation in Spain


Maybe this place is a *little* out of our price range

I do love to travel.

I love the experience of first setting foot in the airport. I love collecting my bags underneath new signs in a foreign location. I love the sights and smells when you hop into the taxi on your way to your accommodation.


DID you remember to book a place to stay, tonight?

If you did, do you have the confirmation?

Is it highly recommended?

Is it out of the way or can you easily get to all the best places you want to visit and experience?

And most importantly, how much did you pay?

Choosing accommodation can be hard. And if you’re anything like the rest of the tourists and travellers out there, you can spend HOURS and HOURS and HOURS… (you get the idea) looking for the right place to stay.

I’ve heard some unique approaches to picking your accommodation.

Tim Ferriss, in his book The 4 Hour Workweek, often travels somewhere but only books his first night. Then he tries to secure long-term stays by meeting with landlords and wooing them over dinner.

Leon Logothetis travelled the world relying entirely on the kindness of strangers to stay with.   

But maybe all you want to do is find somewhere with good pillows, a reasonable room rate, and a good view out of your window.

I can’t speak for everyone because we all have our own preferences. But let’s see if I can break down (what I believe are) the pros and cons of each of your options in picking good accommodation on your travels.


Checking in

This is the go-to option for most travellers. It’s convenient. It’s inclusive and usually caters to every need you have.

I certainly don’t mind hotels. I have great experiences of staying in places that felt like a reprieve from the outside world; a break from the chaos of the busy streets and whirlwind of sights and smells.


ahhh..a break from the outside world.

I feel a sense of calm when I enter a hotel lobby. Because unlike what’s out there on the streets, you have a pretty good sense of what you can expect when you’re staying there. They all have essentially the same layout, the same amenities, and you can expect the same level of service everywhere you go.

I like the general security of a large-chain hotel. You can toss your bags inside, take your backpack, and go exploring with peace of mind knowing that you have a warm room, hot shower, and a comfortable bed awaiting your return.


I don’t mind hotels, but they are usually a corporate environment. They tend to cater well to business travellers and short-term guests.  

But my travels (and maybe one day, yours as well) tend to be longer experiences. They can be expensive when you’re staying for more than a few nights. You miss out on the culture of a place if you’re secluded away in your comfortable room on your comfortable bed watching your comfortable Netflix shows.

The Final Word

Short term stays? Sure. Break from the craziness of travel? Absolutely. Security and familiarity? Of course. But if you’re craving a real cultural experience, or you need to save some dollars, I’d look elsewhere.

Private Homes

This whole place could be yours

The old world of large-scale hotel chains is on its way out. More and more, travellers are choosing to find someone else’s house to locate good accommodation. This is rapidly becoming the new world of accommodation.

There are large companies out there, but there are over 60 different platforms offering some form of private villa or accommodation.


If anything, this is the option I would advise to anybody. Traveling alone? Connect with someone in the neighbourhood by staying in a private home. Travelling with your family? Don’t get all cramped together when you can spread out over an entire place. With a large group? You can get private villas that easily sleep 8 or more without feeling like you’re on top of each other.

a place to call your own

Plus, when you travel in big groups, the price is so much more affordable than a smaller, more expensive hotel.

Plus, you have to admire some of the places you can find online that really aren’t that much more than a hotel in the city. Private pools, your own kitchen, room to breathe…aaahh. Now that’s travelling in style.

I love that you get to cook your own food in your own kitchen, a great way to save money when you travel, and you can live with the people you’re visiting.


If anything, you do miss out on some of the experience of having some work done for you. You do have to live like a local, so you miss out on having meals cooked for you, or having your laundry done.

Plus, you might have to lower your expectations. You are, after all, staying in somebody’s home, not a 4-star fancy resort designed to cater to your whims.

The Final Word

If you’re focused on price, experience, or space, I’d highly recommend a private home. They’re easy to find now and the websites make it extremely easy to book your dream home.



this guy has the right idea

If you’ve ever stayed on a friend’s couch overnight after a hard night out…

… you know what Couchsurfing is all about.

It’s this underground culture of staying in people’s homes, usually on a spare bed or a pull-out. Most couchsurfers like to offer their place for free to like-minded people, travellers who need somewhere to crash, and aren’t too fussy about where they sleep.


If you’re single, want to travel the world but can’t really afford it, couchsurfing is for you. Most of the places you stay are free or extremely cheap.

You also get to meet the people you’re staying with, and often you get some great tips, a great tour guide, or if you’re lucky, a friend.

It certainly is more adventurous than the standard accommodation, but for those who this appeals to, it’s absolutely perfect.


However, if you’re not travelling alone, you have a family, or you’re not comfortable staying in another person’s house, this isn’t for you. The places are usually not designed for more than two, and it can be difficult to find any place that has all the amenities of a good hotel.

The Final Word

Single and looking to explore the world? This should be your first option. You can meet great people, make your dollars go further and end up with some fantastic stories from your experiences.


Whatever you do, you have to stay true to what your needs are, and what you want to get out of your experience while you travel.

I hope to see you out there. Happy Trails!