Valencia – Tourist attractions of Spain

This city, dating its history to Roman period, is now the third largest city of Spain and is one of the most populated cities. Now, it is the most popular city amongst Spanish people, as well as amongst tourists.

Places of importance for tourists:

There are many monuments, parks, Churches and bridges, which are worth visiting while you are in Valencia. Some of the places of interest are:

The Plaza Del Mercado:

This building of Gothic architecture is the most popular buildings of Europe. This building has three places of interest. Just visit the Silk Market, where according to historians, Valencia traded silk during the 15th Century. This panoramic building is impressive for its Gothic Architecture. The next important building in this Plaza is the Santos Juanes Church. This church has Baroque Style exteriors and Gothic interiors. The most beautiful modern structure in this plaza houses the Central Market, which is an ideal place to shop.

La Cathedral:

History says that this Cathedral, built in the year 1238, stood upon a mosque, which in turn stood raised on a Visigothic Cathedral. The Chapel in this cathedral has some holy relics. Some of the paintings in this Cathedral date back to 13th century, which were works of great men of arts present at that time. History also says that most of the Cathedrals, Churches in Valencia were built centuries ago. Interestingly it has taken some centuries to complete these works.

Estacion Maritima y Tinglados:

This is one of the busiest maritime places, which handles traffic of about 500000 people annually. This port connects many islands like Balearic Island, Canary Island, and Genova etc. This port also handles large cargo ships. It has the place next to the warehouse and clock building, from where tourists can go on pleasure boats for a tour around the inner harbor. The royal dockyard, Arts museum and a maritime museum are some other places of interest in the inner islands. The modern Clock building and a most modern warehouse are all the places worth visiting in this harbor.

Jardin Botanico:

This historic Botanical garden, though founded in 1567, was established in 1802 and has many rare plants of medicinal important. It has large green space around the garden and a beautiful place for walking and relaxation.

Valencia has many villas, apartments and hotels where the visitor can find luxurious accommodation to suit his purse. There are many restaurants, which serve the most delicious traditional cuisines. The most popular dish is a delicious rice preparation, the Paella Valencia.

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