Souvenir – Collectables from Spain

A souvenir, keepsakes or memento from Spain can refresh your Spain holiday and travel memories and also make others feel special when you gift them some. A number of items can be the best option as souvenir at the same time being a specialty of Spain. These items can help you to treasure priceless memories of Spain for the lifetime.

Olive Oil – Spanish olive oil is world famous for its quality. A tenth Spanish olive oil that is used buy the entire world and one third of the total of Spain’s oil is produced alone in Andalusia. It might get difficult for you to carry this in a large quantity to home but you can buy small ornamental bottles that can be refilled again and again. Mostly all grocery stores in Spain have an impressive selection of olive oils.

Bota (Wine Bottle made of leather) – A leather wine bottle is perfect for drinking purposes while moving from one place to another. The authentic leather wine bottle comes in black color and is priced at around €30. Bota is also available in pale colors and are cheaper. All these bottles have tiny drinking holes. To drink wine you have to squirt it into the mouth such that the bottle does not touch your lips. In fact, drinking wine from Bota is an art that can be quickly learned.

Saffron – Fine qualities Saffron is available in Spain and it is an excellent spice that can be used in a number of dishes to enhance the flavor and color.


Kukuxumusu T-Shirt – Kukuxumusu is a t-shirt brand in Spain and has quite a silly yet imaginative range. These items are perfect as a gift for those that are ways back home.

Spanish Cured Ham – Jamón Iberico – Spanish Hams are cured for minimum a year, and jamón is considered a staple part of a Spaniard’s diet.

Flamenco CD – Flamenco is very much alive and well –known art form which is very much popular in regions Madrid, Andalusia and Barcelona. You can find a Flamenco CD in a specialty store in Spain.

Spanish Fan -This is also a perfect item as a souvenir that you can take home and also gift others. A lot of Spanish woman can be seen fanning themselves with this fan.

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