Great places of Spain – Aragon

People go on a holiday to enjoy, forget the office and business and to be with the family. It is a pleasure to see the children enjoy the water sports on the beach, the beautiful rows of mountains and the sunrise and sunset, etc. All in all, it is you and the family and the comfort of stay that matters. The ideal place for all this is Aragon, Spain.

Located on the north east part of Spain, it has three provinces viz., Zaragoza, Teruel and Huesca. Two great rivers of Spain; Ebro and Aneto run across this city. The city has ancient Cathedral of Huesca located in the heart of the city. The renowned alabaster which is a masterly work of sculpture is in this cathedral.

The ancient church San Pedro el Viejo is also located here. Those interested in seeing the wonderful natural creations like landscapes and monumental stone works created by Mother Nature should visit Aragon. There is also the famous Montearagon Castle believed to have been built in the 9th Century.


Just a little away to the left is the Church of Bolea and the Lorre Castle. Those who want to enjoy the fresh air would never forget to visit Sierra Natural Park which is a standing example of the spectacular landscape. There are many caves with most beautiful paintings done centuries ago which have been now declared as a national treasure.

Annual cultural festivals are also held in Aragon where many cultural activities like concerts, theater performance, dance by children and many more cultural works are displayed. It is needless to say that the streets are fully decorated and illuminated during this period. Spectacular fireworks are also displayed. October 12 is a day of religious fervor when a festival is held to show reverence to the great Saint La Virgin del pilar. Special masses are held on this occasion.

Valley of Benasque is another place of interest for every tourist. This is a valley where one can see twelve mountains around the Benasque. There are hilltop restaurants where accommodation is also available.

There are many more places to visit in Aragon. Apartments and villas are also available where one can certainly have a comfortable stay.

Photo Credit:Shutterstock