It was once an important city of the Roman Empire and is located in southern Spain. The city provides a mixture of ancient culture as well as modernization. It has been an active centre for many cultures throughout history. Beautiful specimens of Roman, Muslim and Christian culture can be found here.

Mezquita de Córdoba

This great mosque dates back to the 8th century and was built on the ruins of a church by Moslem emir Abdurrahman. The mosque is a fine example of Muslim architecture. The mosque has been reformed from time to time during the reign of various rulers and therefore provides a beautiful mix of architectural style of various periods of time.

Later on in the 16th century during the invasion of Christians, a church was also built inside the Mosque and for this reason this is also called the cathedral mosque. The interior of the mosque is beautifully decorated with marbles and mosaics.

Medina Azahara

It is a pre-historic city and dates back to the 10th century. It is also known as the palace city. The city was divided into three parts. The upper part had Palaces, the middle part was used for orchards and gardens and the lower part contained the houses of the common people and also a mosque. The ruins of these structures can be seen now. The place is of great archaeological importance and attracts tourists from all over the world.

Fortress of the Christian Monarchs

It is an Arab Fortress built in the 8th century. It has witnessed many historical activities and has also been used differently during the course of history. From being the residence of Queen Isabel and her husband Ferdinand, it has also been used as a civil and a military prison.

It has been declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The place is surrounded by beautiful gardens and also consists of statues of kings that once ruled here.


Mezquita de Cordoba

It was originally a mosque built in the 8th century by the Muslims over the ruins of a Roman temple; however with time it has seen and experienced many cultures. These cultures have greatly influenced this building and from time to time it has gone through many renovations. In the 13th century a cathedral was built inside the mosque by the Christian rulers. The architecture and art of this building is worth noticing and reflects the talent and grace of the Islamic artists.

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos

It is a fortress that was built in the 14th century. The three towers within it are very popular. The towers are named as – the Tower of the River, the Tower of the Lions and the Tower of the Allegiance. The fortress was built in Gothic style and beautiful specimens of Gothic art can be seen here. The place is surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Photo Credit: Pixabay