Rojales, a pleasing and popular destination for a holiday or extended stay on the Costa Brava

Rojales is a charming and popular holiday destination for many Europeans. It is situated south of Alicante,only a few kilometres from the coast of the Costa Blanca. In Rojales you are only 10 minutes away from the resorts of Guardamar del Segura and Torrevieja. Rojales was originally a traditional village that lived mainly from its lemon and orange plantations. Nowadays, Rojales has understood how to combine the traditional with a modern lifestyle which adapts perfectly to tourism. Rojales is a peaceful town with lovely beaches nearby, close to lakes of salt water known for their special beneficial effects, and is surrounded by thousands of orchards. Its varied gastronomy, rich cultural history, numerous facilities for watersports, different golf courses and many footpaths for rambling are only some of the reasons that Europeans come to Rojales, even in the winter, for their holiday or longer stays. At all times of the year Rojales offers a pleasant, calm ambiance surrounded by nature. This is combined with culture and the warm Mediterranean climate.

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Rojales, from a farming community to a rapidly expanding town offering diverse facilities

In Rojales, the gourmet restaurants are renowned and classic dishes are elaborated to the finest detail.

During the last few years, Rojales has concentrated much energy on the development of urban districts and providing good facilities, so Rojales now has a municipal sports centre and a theatre. The old urban centres such as Barrio de la Cuevas have been renovated and house many artisans. In Rojales you have everything at your fingertips, from hypermarkets to the artisanal bread shops and butchers’ shops. The large shopping centre, Habaneras, even has a C&A and an H&M. As well as the plentiful local gourmet restaurants, international cuisine is also very well represented in Rojales. There is an Aquapark available for the children, and the young can unwind at the various local discotheques. Rojales has become a town that is really taking off, where both young and old can have a good time without disturbing each other. Every Thursday in Rojales, a market is held on Calle Albéniz. This agreeable market, which is not too large, sells regional produce such as vegetables, fruit, olives, fresh nuts as well as smoked fish, cheese, clothes and shoes. From here, you can cross the famous bridge over the Segura and visit the town centre.

Rojales and its unique sights: inhabited caves, shell house and saltwater lakes

  • Rojales is situated on the riverbank of the Segura river. Numerous sights in Rojales are witness to the importance of water to this town: the Azud stone dam, which dates from the 16th century and is still operating, the famous bridge over the Segura, the ancient bridges and the water mill in the old town centre, only 100 metres from Rojales Town Hall.
Two large saltwater lakes, one green and one pink, occupying more than half of the natural park, that possess a rich biodiversity, recognised at both national and international level.
  • The ancient part of the town has been magnificently restored and is now very attractive. In the small centre, you will find several lively terraces where the social life of Rojales plays out. Businessmen converse together either standing or sitting on a bench in the sun.
  • After a good walk on the hillsides of Rojales, you will arrive at Cuevas del Rodeo, a series of inhabited caves that date from the 19th century and today house the artisans who exhibit their craftwork there. For those who have difficulty walking to the top, the inhabited caves are also accessible by car. Follow Calle Opalo and the signs to the car park. These caves are not immediately visible, as from the façade it is hard to tell that they have been built into the rocks.
  • During your trip to the inhabited caves in Rojales,you can also visit the house of shells. At the top of the hill you will be able to see the tower of this fairy-tale house. Over many years the owner, Manuel Fulleda Alcaraz, a passionate collector of shells, which he found on the neighbouring beaches of Guardamar del Segura and La Manga del Mar Menor, decorated his house with roughly 550,000 shells over a surface of 600 m2 of walls and terrace. Structures and mosaics were formed and decorated with shell circles, flowers and animals, making it a visual delight. Entrance is free, but don’t forget to leave a tip for the couple that live there.
  • The Museo de la Huerta in Rojales is not large, but it is well kept and entrance is free. Spread over four buildings, formerly a hacienda, you can discover the rural life of Rojales in ancient times. You can learn about housing, breadmaking, transport, olive oil pressing and tools. These buildings can be found on the Partida Lo Saavedra. Outside in the gardens you will find tables and benches where you can picnic.
  • On the road towards the resort of Torrevieja, you will pass two magnificent natural parks: La Mata Laguna and La Mata Torrevieja with their saltwater lakes. These natural parks have watchtowers from which you have a spectacular view of the surroundings and can observe the richness of the protected flora and fauna.
  • Cycling or mountain biking along the beautiful orchards with their thousands of orange and lemon trees is certainly worth doing.Are you looking for a peaceful holiday destination or a great place for a longer stay on the Costa Blanca? Rojales is definitely the place that you are looking for! Reserve your dream villa today at Club Villamar.

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