Castle of Sant Joan

A vestige of the former grandeur of Blanes, the castle of Sant Joan stands over this seaside resort.

This is an interesting landmark that will cast you into the medieval history of Catalonia and offers you a superb 360° view over the town.

Castle of Sant Joan, high on a hill…

Perched on a hill, more than 160 metres above sea level, the castle of Sant Joan dominates both the town of Blanes and the Mediterranean sea.

The first traces of this fortification date back to the 11th century, but it was mid-13th century that a “castell”, the Catalan word for castle, was built on the order of Grau de Cabrera, viscount of Girona. At the time it bore the name of Castell de Forcadell.

More recently (relatively speaking…), the watchtower was built in the 16th century under the reign of Charles V. The king of Spain and Emperor of the Holy Roman German Empire planned to protect the Catalan coast and the city of Barcelona from attacks by pirates. Arriving from North Africa, they roamed the Mediterranean sea and plundered the coastal villages. A network of watchtowers, sprinkled along the Costa Brava, was able to alert towns and villages using smoke or lights. The fortified farms of Tossa de Mar, like Can Leandro, are also witnesses to the barbaric threat to the Iberian peninsula.

Unfortunately, all that remains of this fortified group are a tower and a part of one wall. They are nonetheless an interesting visit, and they also offer one of the best viewing points over Blanes and its coastline.

A superb view over Blanes

Are you looking for a nice view of the Mediterranean sea? Don’t miss a visit to the castle of Sant Joan in Blanes. You can admire both the Catalan coastline and the beauty of the surrounding mountains. On a fine day, when the sky is clear, you can even spot the famous Montjuic hill in Barcelona.

You can visit the castle of Sant Joan on foot, but it’s a steep climb! The best may be to opt for a morning visit, before the sun gets too hot. You can also extend your exploration into the discovery of the history of Blanes with a visit to the Sant Joan hermitage.

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