How to Have Fun in Costa Brava

Costa Brava – Where you come to have fun

We get asked a common question by first-time visitors to Costa Brava.

“What can we do for fun here?”

You travel to places like Malaga for the religious culture and the wineries. You travel to Madrid for the buildings and architecture. But we’d like to think that you travel to Costa Brava for fun. Start by getting a private villa to set up your base and go from there.

So if it’s your first time here or you’ve been holidaying in Costa Brava for years, you’ll soon find out how you can have loads of fun in the best part of Spain.

Party in Barcelona

The Lights of Barcelona

You may have visited Barcelona in the day, but I guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like Barcelona at night. The city is alive with music and people when the sun goes down. Everybody in the whole city awaits the time when the day heat subsides and the cool evening allows you to come out and play.

And play you can. Every square of the city has something new for you. You can dance in the famous clubs like La Terrrazza or Pacha Barcelona. These venues are always packed with people dancing and moving to the pumping music.

But if clubs aren’t our thing, you can find great food all over town, places where people invite you to have a cup of wine or three and enjoy the party that seems to stretch on into the morning. Barcelona welcomes its visitors with open arms and a glass of sangria. There’s nothing quite like a Barcelona party, so make sure that you schedule it into your visit.

Live it up in Sitges

Stunning Sitges

Back when the town was revamped to be something different, Sitges became the tourist town to visit. In the 1960’s, Sitges was transformed from a sleepy fishing village into a hot tourist town that attracts celebrities and city dwellers alike. You must visit Sitges.

The town is a paradise for those looking to have a good time. The beach is probably the hottest spot in town, a place to see and be seen by everyone alike. The cool, calm waters of the Mediterranean are a welcome relief from the sun that beats down day after day. You won’t mind though because there is plenty of beach space for you to enjoy. Sitges has a non-stop attitude of “enjoy yourself” and the town welcomes those who want to party. If you’re tired of the crowds of Barcelona (as many find themselves after a few days there) Sitges offers a respite, a break without dampening your spirits. Come, relax, and play in Sitges.

Marineland in Malgrat de Mar

The family fun of Marineland

If your idea of fun involves something for the whole family, Costa Brava is the place to be. Marineland in Malgrat de Mar is just one example of the water parks around the area. Malgrat de Mar hosts Marineland and allows you to experience marine animals up close.

To beat the heat, Marineland is a popular choice for families who want something different from the beach. And it’s earned that popularity through all the fun it offers. You can enjoy the aquarium to see aquatic life up close. You can see the amazing dolphins in the park performing amazing feats for the guests. But the best parts are the pools and slides for all to enjoy. There is something for every kid and kid at heart to enjoy. Marineland Catalunya in Malgrat de Mar is ready to give you an amazing time.

Adventure Sports in Girona

The adventure sports that will get your heart pumping

You have heard of canyoneering, exploring a canyon through ropes, kayaks, or hiking. Have you heard of coasteering? You will if you try some adventure sports in Girona.

While everyone else loves to visit Girona for its history, it’s architecture, and it’s old-world charm, you can come get thrilled and chilled as you take on new adventurous activities in this city. You may not know it but Costa Brava literally translates to the Rugged Coast. And nowhere can you experience this name than the challenge of hiking, canyoning, and traversing coves than with Aventura Girona. This unique company brings thrill-seekers together to rock climb sheer cliffs, explore coastal caves, and even some cliff jumping for the braver souls who dare to come to Girona. You think you know fun? You haven’t experienced it until you’ve tried the adventure sports of Girona for yourself.


Costa Brava is just loaded with activities for all, enjoyable events and sites, place where you can let go and have some fun. Come find out how Costa Brava is the perfect site for you to bring back some joy into your world.